My not so little boy . . . .

Dearest My Love,

To my not so little boy, today is a special day for you —-Happy 7th Birthday my love.

You excitedly thinking the theme, your guest, design of your cake and mom and dad’s gift to you.

The day that you’ve been delightedly looking forward to. You even can’t wait for your birthday and keep on asking why you’re the last one to celebrate birthday among your friends.

As the day approaching you cannot keep back your happiness and excitement. Counting the days until your birthday.

Like I always loves to do on your every birthday, I will make this an extra special moment for you.

Your birthday is also my birthday. One of the most special days in my life. It reminds me on the day that you were born, seeing your tiny toes, hugging your tiny little body and feeding you for the first time. It is the day you changed my life forever.

On your 7th birthday I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and how much I seeing you grow and learn for the past years.  Here are some of the things that make you a unique boy.

  • You got your eye from me but you looks exactly like dad
  • Your favorite color is red, blue, yellow and gold
  • You love nuggets and fries so much that you can eat it all week
  • You love singing often catch you singing with you own lyrics
  • You are a master negotiator. You’re are always asking for “one more” and saying “this is the last one for the nth time”
  • You really love Ironman and Transformer toys and use it your comfort blanket instead in the night time
  • Your Lego creations continue to impress me everyday.
  • You love hanging out with family and friends
  • You are the sweetest boy who always ask for hug and saying I Love you mom
  • You can keep on talking all day and night long about animals
  • You are clever boy who loves to go to school even you are not feeling well
  • You always loves to visit zoo. Every visit is always like a first time for you.
  • You are so caring and mindful for everyone safety and happiness
  • You have a wonderful sense of funnies. Mom and Dad are laughing at your silly antics and crazy dance moves.
  • You love for God is overwhelming. Learned to pray at very young age.

I know you are growing up but take your time and enjoy being a kid.

Mom and Dad will always be here for you.

We will do anything for you.

You will always be mom’s Sweet Baby Boy. I LOVE YOU more than 3000!


Marie Louise F. Evangelista

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