Stuck at Home? – Easy To-dos to boost your Productivity while on Quarantine

All around the Globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected and challenged different countries at great heights; specifically our dear Philippines have been affected big-time. It has been over three months since the quarantine took effect in our country but it has no signs of stoppage despite the level being downgraded. Thousands are still bound to stay at-home and has to adapt to the new normal. The crisis has brought great impact to how we live and has range of effects on different individuals but despite its draining consequence on humanity still we look at the silver lining and has to finds ways on how to move forward. Here are some easy ideas how we can provide and “icebreaker” to our “new-normal” routines and make sure we are still in-charge.

  1. Commit to a “Declutter Project” – This can be applied to physical and digital clutter, project can include your physical items like clothes – being the most obvious, books that have been on the shelf for years, unused journals, collections and many more. You can also opt to clean your unused apps.

2. Learn a simple recipe or bake your favorite goodies- Start with your favorite food to cook or pastry to bake. You can search a bunch of simple recipes using Google or shared posts on Social Media Platforms i.e. Facebook and Instagram

3. Learn Something New- Take an online course to up-skill. You can search for free courses around the web or take a paid course that you’ve wanted to learn.

4. Read that book! – Commit at least 30-minutes a day to read that book that has been on your list for quite a while.

5. Get that new App – Any app that rings your interest? Download and make the most of it. Tiktok perhaps?

6. Organize your Mailbox – Been wanting to get your mailboxes cleaned up?  Now is the best time to get it done and over with.

7. Netflix and Chill – Spend at least an hour and start the Marathon!

8. Involve in Facebook group- Start with your interest and find groups in the Facebook that are engaging, there are many helpful and active groups in Facebook as of writing, this I assure. 🙂

Contributed by: Irish Saraum

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