My Weight Loss Journey

Never in my imagination that I can lose so much weight in just 3 months. It started when I got curious about how a Facebook friend keeps eating pork, beef, chicken and lots of eggs. In my mind why is she eating what I think is fattening but she is losing weight in return. She uses hashtags in her posts so I clicked all of it then came upon the group which she is a member. I sent her a message and asks about the program she’s into. I started when my weight was 75 kilos. Week by week I pictured my self to see the difference. I get so excited each week while losing weight.

Here are the things I eat most:

  • Eggs (I eat as much as I want to in a day!)
  • beef (burger patty and steak)
  • pork (I like it when it’s grilled)
  • chicken (fried or grilled)
  • fish (not so much because I like pork a lot!)
  • I make my own bread made from coconut flour
  • salads (my dressing is kewpie only)
  • I love zero sugar drinks!
  • and of course coffee!!!

After a week of not eating rice I tried doing the intermittent fasting, I do 16:8 most of the time but there’s a time that I did a 24 hour fasting. I felt accomplished when I finished it.

Here are the thing that I avoid eating:

  • rice
  • breads
  • pasta
  • pizza
  • sugary drinks/ soft drinks
  • root crops

Losing weight gave me so much confidence. Being a mom can be so hard and sometimes you’re neglecting your self. I was that. It doesn’t matter to me how I look or how my health is. This opened my heart and mind that I can still be sexy and healthy even when I’m a mom.

I am now a mom of 2 still wanting to be healthy and sexy though I just gave birth 10 months ago. I’m still healing my body from giving birth and I know I can achieve it again. I told my self that I don’t want to be unhealthy again. Do what makes you happy and everything else follows. Just be determined and always think about how you can get your goal weight.

Written by: Ma Theresa E. Maynigo

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