Motherhood 101: Mother of a Teenager


Being a mother is never easy. It’s full of responsibilities, surprises, and challenges. I am a mother of my 18-year-old daughter and indeed, its exciting. We will learn a lot from this stage of your sons or daughters.

Teenagers might be difficult to handle however there are lots of ways on how can you stay the closeness to our child. Nowadays, teenagers experienced many things that will cause change to there personality or characteristics like adolescence, social being, and emotional well-being. Despite these changes, we, as a mother really need to cope up with this. Here are several ways on how I handle and cope up with these situations:


Our child needs our support for everything that they do. Show them that you are always beside them in every decision they make and in every situation they are in because with that they would build their confidence and trust as they go along their journey.


I always make sure that my child will feel love from me. Also, always let them know that we will never leave them since they are on the stage where they are handling and building their emotions. In this way too, they will build a strong personality.


Truly, communication is the key. Talk to them anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. Ask them “how’s their day” “what are they doing?” because even in this simple way, we will be able to notice their feelings and mood. It will also help us for them to be open to anything that they wanted to say. Another thing is that barrier will be avoided since our child know that they can say any secrets to you without being judged and with trust.


This way is really essential for our child’s discipline. Learn to say no but explain to them how did you come up with that decision to avoid misunderstanding. Also, do not be too strict to them and always remind them of the right and wrong actions and their results. When they want to be with their friends, let them, however, set limit on the time they need to go home and the things they shouldn’t do as a teenager. Start them young and teach them lessons that they can bring in their journey.

These things are all based on my own experience having a teenaged child. These are my ways and I hope it would help you as you and your child nurtures.

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