My Life… My Journey… The best is yet to come…

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”

William Jennings Bryan

My Life . . .

I grew up believing that your choices in life defines your destiny. In my primary years in school, I always wanted to become a successful engineer in the future, I dreamt of building bridges. As young as I was, I prepared myself for that ultimate goal in my life. I aimed high. I never gave myself excuses not to achieve my goal, no matter how hard the climb! I planned it carefully, prepared myself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. It was a tough climb for me, since financially, I’m not equipped. My faith to our Almighty God that He will support my needs gave me strength to carry on my dreams. Truly, His Divine providence helped me reach my goals, I was given a scholarship! God is really good to me! Years passed, I’d reached my goal…with flying colors!

My Journey. . .

I was a planner and a believer that everything is possible.”

My first goal in life was fulfilled. Human as I am, I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted more! So, I set another goal, that is to be successful in my chosen profession. I was a planner and a believer that everything is possible. Through hard work and dedication, I became successful in my career. For 15 years, I enjoyed practicing my chosen profession.  Back then, I was a very career-oriented woman. But God had other plans for me. During the peak of my career … I needed to make a choice between my career and my family. It was a very tough situation for me. I love them both, but I need to choose. Why did I need to choose? My husband wanted us to go with him to a foreign country. After 15 years of working, I have to make one important decision. Thinking about my kids growing up years being away from their father and my desire to succeed in my career, I need to make a decision! I chose my family, but deep in my heart there is a pain of leaving what I love to do most, knowing I can’t practice my profession in that foreign land. A lot had questioned my decision. Some laughed, and others prayed that it’s the right decision for me. I became a dependent of my husband, and women had limited jobs in here. It was in this foreign land that I got the chance to be a full-time wife and mother to my kids. I learned how to cook and bake. I had the chance to do my passion, which I temporarily set aside to achieve my dreams, my passion in sewing and doing arts and crafts. I can say I am truly blessed because my husband is not only a good provider but also a loving and caring husband and a very supportive father to our kids. He puts our family first before others and always sees to it that our Almighty God is the center of our lives.   With all of the blessings we received, I can say I’m very thankful. The transition from a career-oriented mindset to a family-oriented one is very challenging, yet very fulfilling, though, it entails a lot of sacrifices. Psychologically, it is difficult. There were times I felt I failed. I was yearning for professional growth which I can’t find here. It’s difficult for me to get back on track on the same road where I used to be, but I do not also want to give up my responsibilities to my family especially to our growing kids. I don’t know how to make both ends meet…

The best is yet to come…

The psychological struggle is real when you want something for yourself that you can’t attain. You end up questioning your worth as a person. But it was in this period that I realize, to become a better person than what I used to be, I need to accept all the changes that’s happening in my life. My success will not be measured by successfully practicing my chosen profession, but how I maximize the use of my God-given talents. I need to rewire my mindset, so that I can fulfill my aspirations not only through going back to what I used to do but to do better by venturing into other fields, while looking after our family and children.  I need to reinvent myself. I started taking online courses to improve my skills. I welcomed opportunities in my life, for a fresh start.

My life journey hasn’t ended, it just started a new and adventurous phase of my life. . . the best is yet to come…

Everything you experience is a blessing and pushes you toward realizing your true self.”

Vivian Amis

Written by:

Maria Josephine P. Juan

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