Blessing in Disguise

It all started when one day, my phone rang and I answered. Little did I knew that it was the beginning of blessings to come.

My son Paulo asked me to go to school because there was a meeting. He was running for valedictorian in his class that time. I was doing laundry, and really wanted to finish immediately so I rushed. All of a sudden I slipped, and fell on my bottom hard. Thank God I did not hit my head or anything else. Back then I was so excited so I completely ignored that.

The next day I found my undergarments having red spots. I asked my husband to buy me pregnancy tests. The next morning, we tried to check and yes it was positive. I can’t explain how happy I was, having two blessings in one day. Our son was graduating with honors and most of all, having a baby in my womb.

I had no idea that I was two months pregnant. But because it’s our son’s graduation, I needed to make preparations. After the ceremony, I felt severe back pain. My husband rushed me to the hospital to make sure that me and my baby were fine. The doctor told us my pregnancy was at high risk so I needed to take a lot of time to rest and to take medicines to make the baby is safe. For the next few weeks, I needed to stay on bed. My husband and the kids were always there to help.

Days came to pass and suddenly blood leaked out and I felt it as if it was water coming out of the faucet. We quickly ran to the hospital, and that was the end of my happiness.

I had a miscarriage. I cried a lot, but my family never left me. It is truly in the darkest times, light shines the brightest. Suddenly I found myself inside a dark tunnel but eventually a brim of light shone. And with God’s helpm along with my family who never left and my loving husband who always strived hard, it made me recover, gradually. Everytime I saw my friend’s having babies, I tend to want one, too. However i knew that I’m not young anymore.

Years passed and i decided to devote my time to the Lord. I gained a lot of friends. They encouraged me to join the choir, and a million thanks to God even though I had a miscarriage, He did not leave us.

I took this as a motivation to start again. I started a couple of businesses before the pandemic happened. We had a couple of ups and downs and we are now living a simple life, but I couldn’t ask for more.

To this day, tears still fall down as I remember this part of my life. However, this also is a reminder for me that God never left our side. He might have had reasons behind things.

Written by: Marilyn Canilan

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