Be Consistent, No Matter How Small Steps You Take

Who would have thought that I’m gonna write or publish a blog? I won’t be surprise because during high school days, I was an Editor-in-Chief of our School English Newspaper. Since then, I dreamed of becoming a journalist or even a newswriter.

I love writing! I even have a diary before. I write everything that comes to my mind whether the day-to-day expenses, menu for a week, list of things to buy and recipes I want to learn.

When I entered college I took BS Computer Science, different from what I was planning to take. The school nearest to where I lived offers only BS HRM, BS Business Administration and BS Computer Science. I took the latter. Since I had very little knowledge about computer, it wasn’t easy especially programming. But as a young lass with full of ambition, nothing is difficult. Everyday I was ecstatic to go to school. Even if it meant for a 30-peso allowance.Yes it’s true. But that was big enough to pay for my 12-peso back and forth fare ( I walked 300 or 500 meter everyday to reach the house or the jeepney), to buy a piece of empanada and a piece of pack orange juice. Unfortunately, my college days had to put an end early. The people who supported my studies cannot afford to send me to school anymore. My uncle and his wife had gone bankrupt and had no choice but to let me stop my studies.

Fast forward I took several jobs to support myself and my parents. During that time it was difficult to get a job if you’re undergraduate, so I experienced being a househelper and even a babysitter for a few years. As a househelp it means that you are on call. You do not know when is your breaktime and there is no time in or time out. No paid holidays and no overtime fee. You’re lucky if your employer are generous enough to treat you to a fancy restaurants and sent you to different places for vacation. On my part I think I’m lucky, my employers were kind and generous. As time goes by, I thought of a change of career. Luckily, I got hired in a call center agent, and then I switch job and become a secretary in a small manufacturing company.

My humble beginning; from a househelp to a babysitter, to a call center agent and a company secretary.

Recently I met FHMoms group. This group empowers women from all walks of life. They encouraged women to be more… especially housewives that they can still support their husbands in financial aspect even they are at home taking care of the children and household chores. As a wife myself, it’s one of my goal to earn while working at home at the same time taking care of my husband and doing household chores. I’m excited to see what the future lies with the help of FHMoms group.

As I look back, I realized that small steps do matter. Don’t get tired in achieving your dreams. You need to push yourself no matter how small your steps are, you might not know you’re a step closer to success. As for me, I still have a long journey to take but it doesn’t matter as long as I’m determined to get there.

Mariane Morallos

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