Stories About Military Wife

For me, having a soldiers partner is difficult to a successful marriage from deployments to moving all the time to the consequences of war, duties, and serving our country.

Well only in my mind that’s what I was thinking.

Serving in our nation is a rewarding but challenging profession, but being a spouse of military men requires an equal amount of maturity and toughness.Making my decision to get married maybe one of the most significant choices of my life. And deciding to marry him requires unique challenges and may add an extra layer of complexity.

I have been a Military spouse for 3 years now, we married when I was 22 and decided to have our own life and family. God blessed and gave us a son named Abram. The days, months are getting tougher. I need to accept that he leaves us again to work in a far place for months on end or more. I’ve got to be okay even he always missing all the special stuff like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and the birth of our child.  I’ve got to be okay with raising alone and feeling lonely sometimes. I’ve got to be okay with spending as much of our relationship apart as we do together, it takes a lot to trust and have faith in him.I’ve got to be okay with building new friends over and over and over again.I’ve got to be okay with finding the positive in the midst of really, really hard.I’ve got to be okay choosing happiness in the midst of some really challenging circumstances.I’ve got to be okay with putting my career on the back burner because moving all over the place and maintaining a career isn’t as easy as it looks. But I wouldn’t change a thing about our life. Sometimes I feel less important than a job. Are we important? Is he really misses us? I often ask myself that question.

I saw a marriage with him.

I saw a future with him.

It has been a  hard being a spouse of someone in the Military.

Buts that is OK.

Because I am strong, resilient, and tougher than I couldn’t imagine at this very moment. I’m proud of myself..and also with him.

As of now I truly enjoy our military life and we are afforded so many blessings house, 2 wheels, foods, gadgets, and unique opportunities from it. Yet, he’s the one who supports the family. Its hard work and I appreciate what he does. We are now together and stationed in PMA, Baguio City, which has been great, but also very hard being so far away from family and friends. I am happy to have a bonding moment with my husband. But yes, some days are really tough and you have to work through that.

That was the beginning of my journey in life. That was the moment I decided to put on my life with him and do this military life thing. Maybe you’ve felt that moment too.

And that’s why being a military wife is so hard…

God chose the strongest, bravest and the most courageous…. and He made military spouses.

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