Get Paid and Travel: Must Have Job-Skills

Traveling while working remotely can be a slog at times, but let’s face it: Those of us who do it are lucky. Having the freedom to work with a flexible schedule, financial freedom and the ability to do something you love –so long as you get the job done–is a luxury many people only dream of.

But even though working remotely has many positive attributes, it does require a particular type of personality and skills to productively and successfully stay on the job. Not all have the same but mostly these are the common: Good communication skills, organization skills, resourceful, critical thinking skills, pro-activeness, independent and computer or tech savvy. But you won’t be able to do the job while having just these personalities. You have to have skills or the hardware skills to be able to do your job.

So here are the job-skills that you need to have in order to travel the world while working:


You must be good both in speaking and writing. For many of us, this is a default. Most companies who are hiring work from home employees need someone who can speak on behalf of them even without your presence in the office — someone who can represent the company anywhere in the world. You will be spending more time on Skype, Microsoft Word and other Customer Relationship Management programs. Why English? Why not French? Or Spanish? These are also considered as one of the most spoken languages of the world, right? Because English is the language of multinational companies.


Now this is a very broad topic. I myself cannot define what Marketing really is. It depends on the type of employer you will land. How everyone looks at Marketing at present is diverse and has different executions. In general, you should know how to do the following:

Advertising // Blogging // Branding // Copywriting // Email Marketing // Marketing // Google AdSense // Google AdWords // Google Webmaster // Recording Audio // SEO // Social Media Marketing // Telemarketing // Traffic Geyser // Video Editing


Nope, I have zero knowledge in this field. However, when I was travelling around the world, I met a lot of travelers who are computer geeks and took Information Technology in college. They told me their story. Most of them own their own companies (start-ups) or either have a tight client-base. Brace yourself: the skills required in this field will make your nose bleed.

Autoresponders // Backing up mysql database // Drupal // FTP // Google Analytics // HTML // Joomla // Managing Servers // Microsoft Excel // Web Pages // WordPress 

You are not alone. The only thing that I know in this section is Microsoft Excel and I am not even really good at it.


If you are the artsy type, then this is for you. Imagine creating an image while you are sitting on a beach in Bali compared to drafting in an office: What do you see? Different things. I am not a graphic designer but my mind worked more outside the office. If you have in-depth knowledge with the following, you can have this as a remote job!

Adobe After Effects // Corel // CSS // Dreamweaver // Fireworks // Flash // Logo Design // Maya // Pagemaker // Photoshop // Videography // Web Page Design 


It gets harder and harder as as we go further with these skills. I believe that programming is one of the highest paid skills in the planet of the remote. Nobody can learn this quickly compared to the other skills stated above. To be able to obtain a job in programming, you must know:

Ajax // Android development // ASP.NET // AutoCAD // C# // C++ // Coldfusion // Database // Delphi // Flex // Game Development // iOS Development // Javascript // Jquery // Mobile App Development // Mobile Website Development // Objective C // Open GL // Oracle // Perl // Php // Python // Ruby // Visual Basic


Yes, banker! You can work remotely too! Stop believing that you are only meant for banks or other financial institutions! Many multinational companies are looking for you even if it’s just help do their taxes! I am sure you are knowledgeable of the following skills so go ahead, read on.

Accounting // Bookkeeping // Budgeting & Forecasting // Business Analysis // Business Plans // Corporate Strategy // Financial Analysis // Financial Forecasting // Financial Management // Inventory Management // Investment Research // Payroll // Peachtree // Project Management // Strategic Planning // Tax Preparation


Now this one is for everyone, I guess. In the remote world, this is what we refer to as Virtual Assistant jobs where most of the level of your work is secretarial. This is perfect for mothers who want to stay at home and take care of their children or anyone traveling as long as knowledgeable of Admin job.

Customer Support // Data Entry // Event Planner // Medical Transcription // Research // Telephone // Handling // Time Management // Travel Planning 


Most companies who hire for this type of job are from the USA. Ergo, you will have to know all about Real Estate in the country including websites, listings, postings, influencers, etc. Below are the skills that are required to obtain a position in this field:

Craigslist Posting // Marketing // Direct Mail Marketing // Posting Listings Online // Prospecting // REO Asset Management // Telephone Support // Transaction Processing // Trustee Sale Tracking // Real Estate Experience

When applying for an online job, you will be asked about your knowledge in all of the skills above but don’t worry if you don’t have experience. Let’s put it this way: you should have at least 3 from each item however, the geeky stuff is a bit impossible to achieve. Be honest and let them know if you are a superstar in a certain skill or have zero knowledge about it. Learn continually – there is always one more thing to learn!


Does it still make sense for you to commute everyday to work? Experience the dreadful traffic or the polluted city? Are you still comfortable arriving in the office, doing the same routine everyday and having endless fights with your boss because you’re not happy? Or you want to wake up in the morning saying, “good morning, Bali! It’s a beautiful day!” and start working by the beach with your nicely brewed coffee? Most people don’t find these types of job fulfilling. Why? It’s because we always seek approval from other people. We look at the type of job we do as something that defines us. We always mind what other people think and it’s the nature of human. But I think we should all assess of something that makes us happy. We don’t need approval from others. The only approval we need is from ourselves.

by: Raiza Maniscan

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