Feel Good While Working from home.

It is a new norm now to work from home, me myself is also into it. The very good things of working from home are: you will not have to commute to go to your office and endure the traffic, you’re the one who is managing your time and you don’t have to do a lot of preparation for yourself like what to wear and put some make up on. But this is also the best time to take care of yourself.

Today I want to share some wellness tips from working from home and I hope this may help you to bring some balance to your life.

Tip 1 Take a shower and dress up

First things first, aside from drinking coffee how would you wake up your senses? Yes, for me one of the most helpful is taking a shower, it would definitely awakes your senses. After that of course dress nicely, because dressing up and looking nice will surely help you make your mood and focus.  Don’t forget to wear something comfortable and loose clothing so that you can have a good flow of blood circulation.

Tips 2 Working area and environment

Set up your area and environment. Make your own space that you will be able to be more productive and no distraction. Put something like your favorite portrait or plants. You can also add some oil diffuse and add your favorite blend, these will help to boost your mood for sure.

Tip 3 Look for bright area and well-ventilated area

For sure you will be tired looking on your computer screen for a long time, take time to rest. It will be helpful to rest your eyes by looking in a distance with a good view. You can set up your work place near to the window to have a more natural light.

You must consider a well-ventilated area because having a poor ventilation can cause headache and fatigue that may lead you to be out of focus and got sick. You don’t want that to happen right?

Tip 4 Stretch up and have a proper break

Don’t forget to stretch up, very important that if you feel a little bit uneasy because of sitting down for a long time, take time to stand up, walk a little, it will help you to refresh your body somehow.

Break time is very important to all, don’t forget to have proper break time, remember enjoying your food will make you feel satisfied. Be mindful that some people are gaining weight due to not feeling full at all, because they are too busy thinking about their work, so the tendency of getting hungry easily is very high.

Tip 5 Balance your working time

What is your reason for working from home? Most of the reason of the moms that are working from home is to have time for their family. So, do not over do your wok. Remember that week ends is important for the family, set a proper time management. Always have a balance for your wellness.

Wrestling with work life balance is a luxury when working to support a family is a necessity rather than a choice. I think that focus only partially a result of this tough economic times. I think it is also reflects a bit of “having it all fatigue”: women are worn out of feeling the pressure to excel at work and be perfect mom at home.

-Willow Bay-

By : Marice Jalico

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