Corporate to Freelancing, is it possible?

So you want to learn how to transition from corporate job to freelancing? A lot of people like the freedom and independence that come with working for yourself. It is difficult but not impossible, to turn your time in the cubicle into a fulfilling lifestyle.

I’ve listed some tips on how to transition from a full time corporate job to freelancing:

1. Business Plan

Having a business plan is the first step to any new venture. It allows you to clearly state your goals and outline your time-line. You will need to discuss with your boss if you want to move up the company ladder or if you need to go on an extended vacation while taking care of yourself.

2. Financial Stability

When you have your financial stability, you can spend more time focusing on your craft. When you feel good about your success, it helps your outlook on life. This will give you more confidence when you are interviewing for other jobs. Once you have your footing in freelancing, your success will also be reflected in your confidence.

3. Skills and Interest

Tips on how to transition from corporate job to freelancing are easy to come by. Start by researching your skills and interests before starting a freelance job. Seek out projects that interest you, rather than projects that you think your boss will like, because chances are your boss will have an easy time hiring someone else.

Also consider taking future projects on a trial basis. This will allow you to find out if your skills match the needs of the company you are considering working for. Then you can decide if you want to continue working for that specific company.

4. Consulting with a Personal Coach

Tips on how to transition from corporate job to freelancing also include consulting with a personal coach. This allows you to ask questions you may have about the freelance career without making a mistake or making a bad impression.

5. Be Yourself

The best way to succeed at a freelance job is to be yourself. You can either do this naturally or you can do it through a great deal of effort. Going out of your way to conform to certain standards and behavior is not going to help you succeed as a freelancer.

6. Network

Remember that one of the most important factors in transitioning from your corporate job to freelancing is networking. Networking gives you a great way to meet new people, and eventually new clients. Don’t forget to use the Internet to broaden your network.

7. Be Visible

Another important step is marketing yourself. You will want to set up your own website or blog to make yourself visible to potential clients. Many of the best freelancers also do SEO and link building to increase their visibility in search engines.

Getting out of the corporate job and starting a freelancing career can be a big change. But it doesn’t have to be scary. How about you? Share us your thoughts!

Written by: Olerie Mae U. Soriano

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