You don’t have to know it all in the beginning. Learning from mistakes is a part of the motherhood journey.”

It has been four months since I gave birth to my little one. I didn’t expect to be a mother at such a young age. It is just a typical cycle of falling in love with the wrong person and was cheated on then BOOM I have a BABY!

As a first time single- mom I don’t know anything at all! From breastfeeding to changing diapers was all new to me. I was afraid of carrying my baby thinking that he would slip into my arms. The pain of breastfeeding and the fact that he doesn’t want my nipple, and it was hard so at just one day old he was switched already into formula milk.

One at a time I slowly learn how to take care of my baby. I carried him to my arms with love without fear of anything. Changing his clothes and diapers a couple of times. Making milk for him to drink throughout day and night. Cuddling him and carrying him at all times when he’s sick because of vaccines. 

Until one day I need to bathe him all by myself. And that was the time when I accidentally burned my baby! That time I thought it was normal to have a scaly and peeling off the skin but little did I know, it was burnt already!

Since when I was pregnant, I had this syndrome called “Carpal Tunnel” wherein I have a numb and tingling sensation to my hand and wrist. I thought the water was just warm and right for the baby and it continued for a month until my mom checked it and told me it was too hot!

I feel so awful! I am a terrible mother! Not knowingly, I almost killed my baby!

Now, I already have a technique that I learned from my mom by using my elbow to test the temperature(hotness/coldness) of water.

So far, my baby’s burned body is already getting well, and hopefully, it will come back to its original state.

Baby L. A. is now 4 months old and knows how to flip over all around the bed and I’m afraid that one day he’ll fall on the floor but I won’t let that happen.

Since that burning incident happened, I learned a lesson that, “Cautiousness is a must!”.

Being a MOM is a whole new life for me and I love it!

Looking forward to more life lessons that being a mom would bring!

Till’ the next blog momshies!

Your momshie buddy,

Lexie Kiel

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