Father’s Love

t’s june’ a father month. I wish this month would renamed to something inclusive. A heroes month? A model day? whatever”

When a father do to care, protect and provide their children needs we can defined him as a good father. How about a father who raised a child even they are not connected by a blood? They are “perfectly a heroes”.

Just as it takes more than biology to make a father into a Dad, it takes more than marrying a kid’s mother to change a stepfather into a Stepdad. When he makes the effort, everyone benefits. The mother gets a real partner in raising children. The children get the many benefits that come with having a loving and supportive man in their lives. The man gets to have rewarding and loving relationships with his stepchildren. But helping children become happy, loving, well-grounded adults is something that can be a source of immense pride and satisfaction.

These are the Stepdads who step up and do their very best to be the father or another father in the lives of the children they live with.A fathers love is always unconditional”

Salute to a stepdad who know that they don’t have to compete with the kids’ relationship with the their father (if he is in the picture or their longing for their bio dad when he isn’t). They know there is enough love to go around and that children benefit from having all the love and attention they can get.

WRITTEN BY: Jessica D Magat

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