Being a mother to three children is not easy. Especially when the time comes that they need to go to school. It is our responsibility to teach them and guide them so when they grow up they become a responsible adult.

Another milestone for our family that we should provide them a better school. It’s also hard to think of which school you can trust your child to. Whether it will offer enough knowledge and guarantee the safety of your children.

Journey in School

Based on our experience, I sent my oldest son to private school when he was kinder. It was hard but I saw a lot of changes to him and I know he learned a lot from that school. When it came to security I’m sure the safety of my child because they had guards on the gate. They do not allow the child to go outside until no one is able to fetch your child.

Kindergarten is just a tough one for us. It was a hard adjustment for the first trimester for both him and me. I should wake up at 5am preparing for our breakfast and prepare his clothes, bag and snack box. 7:30am to 11:30am are his schedule on school. I can say that the hard days for us are the exam day. I need to teach him to what to do in this time and focus on what he learns from that period of times. I still kept having him go because overall he was happy enough and he loved his teacher and he was learning a lot of other things from being in the classroom.

Some factors that benefit your child’s development in school

  • Child’s growth and integrity of development
  • Health promotion —vision, hearing and immunization
  • Learning emotional coping and modulation
  • The child learns friendship skills
  • The child develops recreational skills and interest expansion.
Journey on Home School

And here it comes Grade 1, I enrolled him at public school, for some reason. He easily adopt the environment of the school. He got a friends more and learn more things. And then one day we need to moved from other place. New dialects and new relationships with people. I can’t transfer him to school right away because I am worried that he might not be able to cope up with school lessons because of the new dialect. And most of all maybe we moved again somewhere else. So I decided to home school him first for the meantime.

Home school also made it difficult for us because he used to learn to his teacher. He listens better and obeys more when someone teach him. He hates me because maybe I’m easy to get angry? So we looked for a tutor to teach him. It was made easy for us during those times when the tutor teach him. But it wasn’t long enough because the worldwide pandemic become strong. The government was so strict that people did not come out. So we have no choice, I will teach him again. This time I arranged his schedule first. In the morning he can play in and out of the house with his brother. After lunch, nap first and then TIME for learning (home school). 1-2 hours every day is enough for a child to teach them. When you pass this time they will have to play again.

I could share you some tricks on how do you teach your child on home school.

  • Give them schedule on when to play, when to watch a television and study time.
  • Reward them for following your rules. ( cook what they want to eat or buy them what they want)
  • Discipline them.

Some benefits that I thought on home school.

  • More bonding with your family.
  • Not exhausted him. (Because the schedule of your grade level student is 8 hours a day )
  • Saving money. ( No more cost in school service and No allowance to give to him)

Whether home school or not your child it is your choice. The important thing is that you may give your child the best education.Giving them a wide space to grow and twirl and be. Giving them the opportunity to live a wonderful and effective way of educating our children and a lovely way of bringing up children who are well socialized and who make good workers and citizens as adults.

By: Shara Anne Hechanova

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