Plants are great companion

The health benefits of indoor plants are numerous. From air purification to stress reduction, filling your home with houseplants is an easy way for you to be happier and healthier.

Here are the top reasons why you should have more plants in your life!

Plants and Environment

Plants helps purify the air

NASA’s famous study showed that one of the remarkable benefits of indoor plants is their ability to improve the quality of the air. Not only do plants increase the oxygen in our homes, but their root systems are incredibly effective at removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, and Trichloroethylene are found in everyday materials like paint, carpets, and plastics. NASA discovered that houseplants act as natural air purifiers and can remove up to 87% of toxins in a day.

Plants and Emotions

Plants reduce stress and anxieties

Interaction with indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress by suppressing autonomic nervous system activity in young adults: a randomized crossover study.

In 2010, a Japanese study explored the effects of Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing”. This study concluded that spending time in nature lowered stress levels, reduced blood pressure, and had an overall relaxing effect on the body. However, most of us spend 85% of our time indoors and can’t wander through a forest every day.

Luckily, houseplants are an easy way to bring the outside in and reap the restorative and calming effects of nature. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology showed that active interactions with houseplants—like transplanting, pruning, touching, and smelling—have the same relaxing and stress-reducing effects as spending time in a forest. So next time you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just in a bad mood, go and spend some time enjoying your plants!

Plants and the Brain

Plants increases concentration and memory

Being around plants helps people concentrate better in the home and workplace. Studies show that tasks performed while under the calming influence of nature are performed better and with greater accuracy, yielding a higher quality result. Moreover, being outside in a natural environment can improve memory performance and attention span by twenty percent.

Keeping ornamental plants in the home and in the workplace increases memory retention and concentration. The calming influence of natural environments is conducive to positive work environments by increasing a person’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Work performed under the natural influence of ornamental plants is normally of higher quality and completed with a much higher accuracy rate than work done in environments devoid of nature. Going outside or being under the influence of plants can increase memory retention up to twenty percent, more study showed effect of nature in the home and in the workplace serves to stimulate both the senses and the mind, improving mental cognition and performance.

Plants improves creativity and focus

Who doesn’t want to get more out of every day? Another one of the many health benefits of indoor plants is that they improve cognitive function. Having indoor plants in the workplace greatly improved idea generation, creative problem-solving, and boosted concentration. If you’re feeling uninspired or having a hard time focusing, adding a few plants to your office or studio could be just what you need to unlock your next great idea.

Plants help promote well-being and mindfulness

Plants are the best because they allow you to bring the great outdoors, INDOORS! Having plants in your home is soothing, plus they improve air quality and make your space feel more open – great if you’re living in a small space or studio apartment.

When I wake up and see plants in my space I feel more at ease—surrounding yourself with plants brings balance to a tech-driven work life!

Plants and your Home

House is not a home without plants

Houseplants bring a life to a home that cannot be replicated with any other decoration. Bringing a little nature indoors makes my home feel bright and peaceful. It brings that same sense of freshness and energy that you feel standing outside in a meadow. It’s what makes my home feel like home.

Tips for decorating with plants

Know your space

One of the first things I’d say is to really get to know your space. By that I mean know your lighting so you can care for plants that will thrive in your environment. Next, consider using plants to add depth and shape to your room. Try using a variety of plant textures and shades of green as well. Cluster a few to make a focal point or hang one from the ceiling to create an interesting visual in your home. But most importantly, there is no wrong way to decorate with plants!  Buy as many or as little as you want with a few cute pots and scatter them all over your home! They are sure to add a life and brightness no matter what!

Have a green fresh life with plants!

And add a little and more joy to your everyday!

by Katrina

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