“Life of a House Husband”


I’m Bryan a 33-year-old guy, a househusband and an online seller at the same time. You might say that why shouldn’t I get a real job and provide for my wife and use my time productively. I can’t blame you! Being a househusband in the Philippine isn’t really a common thing. We have this notion that men should be the sole provider of the family. They should be tough, and shouldn’t bow down to their wives. It isn’t easy, but I learned to come to terms with it. Here’s how;


First, I love my wife dearly. I love making breakfast and hearty meals for us. Cooking isn’t an easy task. It requires passion and creativity. Why it requires creativity? Of course, we aren’t born rich. There are times that we have to rely on what they called “Tipid Ulam Tips” in order to save money for the rainy days. I can say that I’m really good at what I’m doing now!


Second, I learned that being a househusband means helping my wife. We get to share our workloads or household chores. She works as an Online Tutor and has schedule to follow.


Oh, by the we have 4 cats and 4 dogs that needs constant care. Believe me, it ain’t easy to have such a huge fur family. Cleaning their “poop” first thing in the morning, and feeding them twice a day and giving them bath three times a week.

Third, this year, I realize that I can do more! With the pandemic situation and the technology that we have nothing is impossible. I came this conclusion, why not be a househusband and a person who can provide more for his family? So I took the leap of fate and enrolled for a course being offered by FHMOMS. It was indeed one of the best decisions ever! I am learning and becoming more confident now! Being a househusband isn’t a bad thing after all!

To all the househusbands out there! Be proud, but do not limit yourself. Show your full potential!


BY: Ronald Bryan Pablo

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