Maldives, Our Dream Destination!

Maldives is a tiny country that consist of paradise- looking island spread all over the Indian Ocean just south of Sri Lanka and India. You can visit different islands depending on your budget, most private islands will really cost you tons of money but if you cannot afford to throw a lot cash you can definitely visit some of their public islands.

How much does it really cost to travel to Maldives?

Booking a flight

Initially, we made a budget of bringing only  $2000 after we spent all the money we had for our wedding. Since, we don’t want any regrets in the future so we finally booked then a flight to Maldives. Thanks to our best friend who actually sponsored the air fare.

Our flight cost us roughly $700 to $900 including all the taxes and additional baggage. From Manila to Singapore we maximized our stay for 5 hours roaming around the airport waiting for our next flight. There a lot of things to do inside the Changi Airport. These are the few things we did since we only had a limited amount of time.

  • Visited the Sunflower Garden and stepped into the fresh air to shake off the cabin air
  • Had a free foot massage and full body massage chairs around the airport
  • Visited the beautiful and hypnotic Kinetic Rain Sculpture
  • Dined out on delicious food especially their famous Hainanese Chicken and Singaporean Laksa (curry noodle soup). You can also find a wide variety of food including Western.
  • Watched a featured movie, played the Xbox Kinect, Playstation, and arcade machines at their Entertainment Deck.
  • Window shopping because Changi Airport has a lot to offer if you are looking for luxury brands ( window shopping is the only thing we can do since we only have a limited budget for the tour )

Getting around

When we land to Maldives, it was a bit late and we then just had our dinner and rest for the next day itinerary. We strolled around the city of Male on our first day checking some local restaurants, shops, café, and a few temples. Means of transportation can either be a taxi, motorcyle, and a ferry or seaplanes if you opt to go to another island.

Male’, Capital of Maldives

We bought a 4G sim card that had fantastic coverage and fast internet everywhere we went in the city and the price was roughly  $15 US.

Had a taste of some really spicy Indian foods, mostly with curry and some spices we don’t even know but taste good though.


The second day, we took a ferry and then travel to Naifaru Island, a public island in the North of the Capital of Male’ , where we met out Tourist Guide we booked online. We prefer staying with locals to have a glimpse about their culture and beliefs. Also, to experience few of the activities on a reasonable amount of money. We stayed in a transient house that cost us roughly $60/night plus the tour which cost roughly $180 including the boat transfers. It’s not really a nice looking house, looks old and creepy but it really didn’t matter to me because most of the time we were outside enjoying the island hopping, snorkeling, and getting as much as sunburns as we can. We went fishing in the middle of the ocean on a crystal clear water where you can see beautiful corals, manta rays, octopus, and a lot of different species underwater in vivid colors. Feels I’m a creature of the water and my inner self mermaid is telling me to stay here forever.

Turtles near the shore just roaming around on Naifaru Island.

We were able to meet a some locals in the island and watch their football game at night and have some chat with few of our tourist guide’s friends and relatives. Dine at the only 24-hour cafe on the island. Unfortunately, Alcohol is not allowed in any public island in Maldives so we party just by drinking soft drinks. Local foods in Naifaru are really good especially the Biryani luckily they also served spaghetti and burgers which are a good thing because me and my husband are both not really a big fan of curry.

Some locals on Naifaru Island, North of the Capital of Male’

We went back to Male after 3 days in Naifaru, checked in an inexpensive hotel drop our things and then took another ferry on the same day to visit Hulhulmale Island ( Man-made Island as they call it) which took us an hour or so. Hulhumale Island has a lot of condominiums and buildings with a very few people wandering, unlikely similar to Male’ crowded with motorcycles on a narrow roads. We manage to take some photos but most of them were taken blurred so just got one from the internet of how Hulhumale’ Island looks. The city is so big and we only had the whole day to visit this island. We got back to the city before noon since we need to prepare our things traveling to another island.

Hulhumale’ Island
credit to:


On our 5th day, we went to this small but exquisite island of Centara Raz Fushi Spa Resort which cost us roughly $200/ per head per day including buffet lunch and unlimited drinks. And yes ,champagne is everywhere! You can really feel the tranquility on this island since they’re accommodating only a limited number of guests. Thanks to our friend who works in travel agency in Maldives we got the best deal to enjoy this luxury experience. We had an amazing view, sumptuous meals, extravagant pool party with other guests coming from a cruise trip paying a visit to Maldives. After all the activities we had in Naifaru we did nothing in this Island but to live in the moment, dine, and appreciate the beauty of everything.

Centara Raz Fushi Spa Resort

It was one hell of a travel experience not until my husband lost his wedding ring while enjoying the open sea. Probably, slipped thru his finger while snorkeling. Some guests actually volunteered to help my husband in finding his wedding ring apparently, they all failed. Well I guess, better lost the ring than lost the husband. Always thankful and grateful! See you on our next trip!

I made a link of our Maldives Trip. Enjoy watching!

Geraldine Estrada-Ico

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