I didn’t realize I was FAT until…

“I was body shamed by my daughter’s preschool teacher in front of many people…”

Giving birth changes our body to 360°. Well, in my case, it’s a lot. I also had postpartum depression, anxieties, and other things being a Mom went through.
I worked as a Grade School teacher from a private, all-boys school here in QC. Since then, I am always confident with what I look, I am always happy with all the food I eat. My husband always makes me feel loved, accepted, and sexy.

I know I am getting bigger over the years. I’ve been through those moments where I would keep that little dress of mine, which is one of my favorites, hoping that someday I will be able to wear them again. But then, I gave birth to our second baby, then our next daughter came after a year and a half.

That gave me another excuse not to deprive myself of food since I am also breastfeeding the youngest. It was a struggle for me. My calling as a Mom became louder than being a teacher. I had to choose between my 100+ students and my kids. Of course, family first.
Fast forward, I finally let go of being a professional teacher to take care of my kids as a full-time mom. After all the Yaya experiences I had, having someone to help me from different parts of the country, I felt exhausted and took a rest.

I enjoyed being a SAHM. I am there to witness every milestone of their lives from school and at home. Neither did I know, I am forgetting my own. Every day seemed to be a routine, waking up, prepare for school, bring the kids to school, clean the house, prepare lunch, fetch them from school in the afternoon, dinner, REPEAT.

I never knew I was overweight, not until I felt something on my feet. It was an excruciating pain every time I step my feet after some rest or after waking up in the morning. Yes, I had plantar fasciitis. Good thing I didn’t reach that point of injecting steroids just to stop the pain. That was the first reason I decided to lose weight.

Another worse experience I had was being body shamed in front of other people by my daughter’s preschool teacher. For her, it was a joke, but it hits me so hard I wanted to disappear in an instance during that time. Those experiences finally made me realize that I need to lose weight.
My starting weight was 92 kilos for a 5 feet 5 inches height. So I did research on what diet to do and how to do it. My ever-supportive husband joined me to do the KETO diet. This was the beginning of “My Keto Journey”.

Joanna May Flores

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