Modern Crochet Croche

I know some of you think a crochet is for an old woman, and it’s only for a woman. But did you know that nowadays mostly young women and men were better doing a crochet project. It’s not old time that you can do only a table runner or doily for display in your house. You can make any things now for crochet and can make your own just to follow the trends in fashion. Those are like crochet bikini, making your own mask, bobo bag, wallet and etc.

Crochet Cord Organize
Crochet Teddy Bear for my Son
Crochet Mask

Some are you right now is boring, worrying, experience anxiety  and stress. But don’t worry, there’s been a bright side in the midst of crisis. There’s lots of opportunity to do in our homes and learning new things.

Did you know?

Crafts like crochet help to ward off the chance of developing mild cognitive impairment and memory loss.

I want to share all of you, one of my hobby that helps me from postpartum after I birth to my son, and less my boredom at the house. I am not yet a pro, but I can share all of you according to my experience when I was a newbie before and who wants to learn crochet hobby.

Here’s some of my tips & recommendations:

  1. Buy a material & know them well.
  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • scissor

All of those basic materials you need to learn about crochet. About crochet hook and Yarn, they have different sizes, types, and color among them.

  1. Where do I buy?
  • Online shopping



-Facebook Page

  • Divisoria, Tabora St.

Since we are not allowed to go outside I recommend you to buy it online. There were many crochet items you may choose what you want, prefer either a package or  according to your budget. If you want to buy on facebook page business, this that i know and recommend that will help you to buy material for a beginner:

  1. Where do I learn?
  • YouTube 
  • Pinterest 
  • Facebook Group Crochet community
Gantsilyo Filipino – Filipino Crocheters Association

It is easy to learn when we see it in actual, now we can learn through videos on youtube. Because there’s many tutorials that will help you to learn about crochet. About advice and help the Crochet group community will access to help you. Pinterest will add you to be more creative about crochet.

Thanks for reading!

– Claire

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