Jane and Her First PNR Ride

There’s always a first time for everything.

Me and my volunteer-friends needed to attend a SEAGames pep rally in Taguig last November. I am not familiar with the venue, so my friend suggested that we meet up in Blumentritt to take the train going to Bicutan and we all agreed.

November 9. It poured and there was heavy traffic. I was getting late! I wasn’t aware that PNR has a departure time with a one-hour interval. There were still available trips but there was only one train left going to Bicutan. I tried to think of other modes of transportation but believe it or not, this is my only choice. Panic. Mode. On.

Fortunately, due to departure delays in Tutuban, I arrived at the Blumentritt station a few minutes before the train did. Beginner’s luck, perhaps.

It wasn’t crowded yet when we boarded the train. Not so bad… My friend told me that the coach is supposed to be air-conditioned. I didn’t mind. It was warm and that’s how I expected it. Since it was my first time riding the PNR train, I tried looking for station name signs and not all of them have one. And I noticed that there are no fences either.

After a few stations, the train started to get jam-packed. And shaky. It was like my-milkshake-brings-all-the-boys-to-the-yard shaky.

Passengers were getting hangry. Who wouldn’t? It was almost dinner time. A young woman even felt dizzy, she needed to sit down at the priority seat next to a man, who wasn’t supposed to be sitting down!

The one-hour train ride felt like forever. I was eager to get off the train and worried at the same time because I had to make sure that I reach the exit before the train door closes. Erm, the door won’t even close anymore because of too many passengers.

And at last, after hours of putting up with our unpleasant situation, we finally got to our destination in one piece. One. Sweaty. Piece.

So, was my first PNR ride fun? Yes.
Was it unforgettable? Definitely.
Will I ever do this again? Why not?!
Was it worth it? Yes!

Why? Because traveling with friends always makes journeys more enjoyable and disasters more bearable.

So, if you are going to a certain place for the first time, who will you bring and why?

I’d love to hear your response. Comment below to share your thoughts. Be safe always.

PS. I didn’t take any pictures because… who takes pictures inside an old and cramped train?

Jane Plaza

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