Essentials for a Day Hike

Hiking is not just a very effective activity to burn calorie, it also gets you closer to nature and it also gives mind-blowing views worthy of Instagram post, and it is very affordable or even for free.

The Philippines offers many hiking trails suited for every level of hikers from beginner to pros. For you to enjoy your hike you need to plan your trip a head of time. Here are some of the things you need to bring on your hike.

A comfortable and durable backpack

It is much better to put all your things in one bag that is water proof since we don’t know if it will rain during the hike. The backpack should be lightweight to avoid in straining your back.

Bring Healthy Food

Even it is just a day hike it is important to bring a good amount of food. Bringing of junk food is not a good idea because it will not give you the fuel you need to finish the trek. You may bring nuts, granola bars and fruits. These contains natural sugar and protein to keep you full longer.

Don’t forget your Water

It is recommendable to bring at least 1 to 3 liters of water for a hike to keep you hydrated. You may bring a water purification tablets in case you need to drink water from a water source in the mountain.

First Aid Kit

Always keep in mind “safety first” in order for us to enjoy our hike. No one wants to get into an accident. You can make your first aid kit that contains painkillers, antiseptic, tape, bandages and some emergency over the counter medicines.

Water proof pouch / Resealable Bags

To protect your valuable things from rain such as your phone and camera. You may also use it as a trash bag and dispose them at the nearest garbage can once you get down.

Bring Multi-tool

This tool is your best friend when your hike faces some challenges. You may use it as a can opener, cutting fruits and opening up packed foods.

Sun Screen Lotion / Sun Protect

Bring some sunscreen, a hat and a pair of sunglasses to protect you from the heat of the sun. Vitamin D is good for you but too much is still harmful.

Flint / matches

Place your matches on a waterproof bag to keep it always dry in case it will rain. Just always keep in mind to make sure to put out the fire when you are done with it.

Whistle / Flare / Flashlight

In case because you’ll never know the situations, you lose your way or you will be stranded. The whistle is very useful to call attention, the flare will help others to pinpoint your location and a flashlight will be your light when darkness falls.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to a great hike.”


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