Accomplishments During Shelter in Place

You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” – Charles Buxton

The PANDEMIC COVID-19 has brought so much change in each and every one’s life all over the worId. Most people were caught unprepared. From big companies to retailers, CEOs to rank-and-file employees, full-time employees to ambulant vendors, literally everyone from all walks of life, yours, mine, our lives seemed to stopped, uncertain of what tomorrow will bring.

Some may see only the negative effects this has brought, but others see and use this unprecedented event as time to reflect, recharge, step back a little, catch up with lost time with family, reconnect with friends and love ones (thru online), and learn new skills.

So here’s what I have accomplished so far since we were sheltered in place:

1. More Sleep

I may not have an uninterrupted 8 hours and more sleep time, but I enjoyed not setting and hearing the alarm of my phone which is set at 2:40am, Tuesday to Friday on a normal work week. I work full-time in Ayala, Makati and go home in Morong, Rizal. My official time is 6am to 3pm. I wake up that early as I need to be ready, latest by 3:20am because the UV Express van (Pasig-Ayala route, but the operator and driver live just next town after Morong) will fetch me near our house together with some neighbor teachers who teach in Pasig, Makati and Taguig. My average sleep is 4 to 5 hours only.

2. More Time With My Eldest

I must admit, since having my now 18-month old baby boy, I have less time for Ate (5 years old). Since I am working too, most of the time, I am too tired to listen to her stories and even forget to ask her how her day at school went. Worst, I even ask her to sleep early or I would fall asleep just as soon as my little boy sleeps. I am so pressured every night to put them to sleep because I need be up by 2:40am. Now, I don’t mind if we’re up a little late than the usual so we can have bedtime stories or together we watch her favorite Story Bots.

3. Room Renovation and Declutter

This one is a little unplanned. This happened during the first week of ECQ. I live with my parents and it was my youngest sister who planned on renovating her room. I only thought then of a hanging cabinet. But my husband suggested that we renovate our room and my parent’s room too. We only had 1 carpenter and 1 painter. They were the ones we usually call (we live in the same street) whenever the house needs to be fixed. This has also become our way of helping them earn because they are construction workers who gets paid at the end of a day’s work.

Renovation comes with decluttering, so we took the chance to check our closets and declutter. We found lots of clothes, shoes and bags that we no longer use (but still in very good condition) and we’re able to give it to the carpenter’s and painter’s respective wives.

4. Reconnect with relatives and friends

I notice everyone in the house, almost all the time, are in their phones busy chatting or video calling either one of our relatives or friends to check how everyone is doing during this pandemic. I was able to reconnect too with my friends back in college.

5. Reflect and check future plans

My husband and I would spend late night conversation assessing our future plans specially that we used some of our savings (remember the unplanned renovation?). Fortunately, my husband and I never stopped receiving our salary (thanks to our respective companies). Me, working from home with full pay (as per company directive) and him receiving half of his usual salary.

6. Enroll in FHMOMS’ paid courses

Lastly and the most I am proud of is that I WAS ABLE TO ENROLL IN TO TWO PAID COURSES IN FHMOMS. (Hooray!!!) I’ve always wanted to enroll in FHMOMS’ paid courses, however, I know I cannot commit myself to it. I work full-time and have 2 kids. I may have fixed weekends off, but I promised to spend it with family.  I feel like I don’t have extra time, my plate is full. That, I might not be able to finish the activities, worst be the cause of delay in moving on to the next one. That’s why I never enrolled in the paid courses before. Since I don’t have travel hours and I can sleep late and be up late too than my usual, I took this chance to enroll and be part of the MAY 2020 GVA batch! (Disclaimer: I am doing the GVA activities only after my work shift is done.)

P.S. Number 6 has been my greatest accomplishment thus far during shelter in place, because it’s been over year that I really dream of having a home-based job, and hopefully quit the corporate world (after more than 10 years) so I can be with my kids while earning and still pursuing a career. Plus! I am so tired of the traffic and the lack of enough sleep is taking its toll on me (hello hypertension). I know many of you can relate. I’d rather spend the 5 hours of my daily life either recharging, enroll in a gym or learn new skill than spend it sitting in the UV express van, waiting for it to move forward and wonder why Kalayaan Avenue going to C5-Pasig is always congested.

Believe me, I have tons of what ifs.. But I am taking action NOW… So yes, I treat this pandemic as a blessing in disguise for I was able to achieve all these and start learning something new…

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”


Cristina Betito

– private employee, aspiring to be a home-based Mom

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