The Unexpected: How Motherhood Changed Me

Being a mom is life-changing especially to first-time moms like me.

Going back last January 2019, I was so surprised when I found out that I was pregnant. Honestly, it took many days even weeks before it sinks in. I was so shocked at that time. All I knew is that I’m not ready yet. And I feel so guilty about that.

Before I become a mom, I took motherhood as a very hard responsibility to perform. And maybe that’s the reason why I’m afraid to be a mom. I have so many plans going back when I was still single. One of that is that I should not be getting married until I already make my wildest dream come true like having my own house, travel around the world, got a stable job to name a few. Never in my plan that I’ll be pregnant at the age of 24 which is still struggling to feed my self. For me, it’s too early to enter the motherhood stage. But suddenly, my world drastically twisted.

After our daughter was born, everything changed day by day, little by little. Since I become a mom, my life seemed to turn multiple times of 360 degrees. From physical appearance to perspectives in life. My personal decisions have changed. She is my top priority now. It seems that I just lived for my baby and not for myself.


Me and my precious daughter


Lately, I realized that my patience is in great length already. I overreact sometimes but not to the point of being annoying. I learned about the importance and value of money and time. All my priorities shifted. It’s not about you anymore. It’s now all about your baby. Sacrifice is indeed a virtue when you are a mom.

Motherhood pushed me beyond my limits, and to go out from my comfort zone. When you’re a mom, you can do impossible things possible. You become tougher, braver, and smarter. You can be a living superwoman also. Indeed, motherhood is such a blessing.

And now I regret nothing for I whole-heartedly embraced the motherhood stage. I already found my worth and real purpose in life. I enjoyed and cherish every moment with my adorable daughter. She’s my world now and I can’t imagine my life without her.




Motherhood is the hardest but the best part of life.

Adelina A. Pavo




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