Reinventing Moms During Quarantine

Salute to the hero/heroine frontliners: doctors, nurses, medical staff, security personnel, maintenance workers, public officials/servants, spiritual leaders, those who deliver services such as utilities, food, banks and many others. They offer their own lives to protect, save, care, serve and secure the entire country during this pandemic.

Meanwhile, for the rest who are required to stay home, especially the moms, we undeniably have lots of time to spend with the kids and the other members of our family, and with ourselves too. Though movement is restricted within the confines of our homes, let not this limit our abilities, capabilities and growth.

And this time, albeit unexpected, is that opportunity we need to reinvent ourselves. We have the chance to reflect and go back to the goals we made when we were younger. We may have a bucket list of sorts that have been set aside. Now may be the time to do those, especially if it does not entail going out of the house.

  • Engage in hobbies like gardening, painting, sewing, knitting, the arts.
  • Exercise for a healthier and more attractive you. Maybe learn a new dance craze. Your kids could teach you.
  • Write poetry, reflections, even a short story.
  • Learn cooking and baking. Prepare gourmet dishes from canned goods that you have.
  • Unleash the decorator in you: rearrange furniture.
  • Research new interests that you and your children could share.
  • Read books you have stashed away.
  • Watch new movies and reminisce on old favorites online.
  • Be the hair stylist you admire. Experiment with the kids if they would let you.
  • Take on new learnings and skills that could mentally challenge you: enroll in courses online.
  • Don’t forget to pray and reflect on the meaning of your lives. Attend online masses and retreats to uplift the soul.

Make this quarantine memorable and enriching. Don’t worry too much because worrying would only cause your blood pressure to increase or bring chest pains. Leave the worrying to God. God has a plan, and this pandemic may be His way of fixing things for us. We just have to trust Him.

Remember that this is just a phase. A time to await a new beginning. We don’t know what the new normal would be like. So, we have to arm ourselves with new learnings and great hope. We will come out of this a rejuvenated mom full of faith that we will achieve more, fulfill more and be a source of happiness to everyone around us.

A new morning will come, a new sunrise to greet us, to lead us forth to a life of great expectations and joy.

Kudos to all moms.

**Maria Teresa T. Batican

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