I have been out of the BPO world for more than 2 years now with no concrete plans in toll…  Why?  Been burnout and I cannot see me moving up (though there are offers and career move to take more responsibility).  I thank my husband for supporting me (lucky me, very much grateful )

I planned to at least have a business of my own.   I opened my sari-sari store.  My husband even bought a fryer with grill pan for me to sell burgers and the like.  I learned how to price the items, source products where I can buy them cheap and read a lot on how to make it more profitable.

I had ample time (no worries thinking about vacation leave) when my husband went home for vacation.  We’re able to travel to my province, Southern Leyte particularly Maasin City, with the entire family plus Mama.  We roam the city of Tacloban.  We drove in the San Juanico bridge, dine at a local resto,  saw the church and other landmarks.  We explored the island of Canigao.  We visited Mama Mary Shrine.  We explore the city of Maasin upto our hearts content.   We’ve stayed for a week (too short too many places to visit!).  I think I would need to create a separate post for that visit.  It deserved to be told.

Fast forward.  Me and hubby thought of having our own business so that when he planned to go back home we have other source of income to help us.  I am already in the process of planning to have our own restaurant business.  I’ve done some research, asking around and reading about business staff.  But, opportunity knocks to my husband and changes everything.  He was given a regular job post in UK.  He can include his family and we can be together.  WOW!!!  That would be a huge change to our life, and we are all very excited.

We switch plan again.  While he was processing his papers, we would need to visit him in Japan to add a travel visit in our passport.  So, we went to visit him last year summer (2019).

It was the first time that the kids would be with their father for more than a month.   Foremost, we visited a park full of Sakura tree (Cherry Blossoms).  First family picnic ever!  OF course, we took pictures of every moment and the views.    We explored Disneyland and Disney Sea in separate occasions.  We rode train.  We explored 2 different zoos and an aquarium, dined at various restaurants, watched a movie together and visited different known landmarks in Tokyo City.  This also deserved another story to be told.

But also, we need to do reality check.  Expenses needs to be paid and the incoming changes in our family would entail a huge amount of money.  That’s where I started to think to work online. 

I thought it was easy but it was not.  I was afraid.  I signed up with Upwork but up to this moment my profile is still not approved.  I searched and searched where can I look.  My confidence is getting thinner by the moment.  A friend offered a work from home job.  She informed me all the necessary requirements.  Again, I asked my husband to sponsor the upgrade to our laptop and internet.  And luckily enough, what a very supportive husband I have.  But maybe it is still not for me.  Her client is still not ready to add people within the group.  I was heartbroken.  I already invested.  Some advise me join Linken so I did.  I came across, I joined.  But I don’t know how to maximize this.  I’m lost and scared.

Then came my first job offer.  I prepared a video introduction, revised my resume and know the company.  Unfortunately, I was not shortlisted.  I started to procrastinate.  Until I got across FHMOMS.  WOW!  This is what I really need.  Someone who can guide on what to do.  I attend the free webinars on home to work from and got a very good glimpse on what to do.  I even apply for the GVA course.

I still don’t know what I’m waiting.  I read the struggles of others – laptop requirements, internet upgrades and money.  I might have all the necessary tools and resources but still something is missing.  I am still procrastinating.  I cannot see and feel the fire.  The burning fire to push me on things that I should do and would do, a strong desire to make it and a boost to my confidence.

I’m still looking and searching and hoping… for inspiration to hit me big time.


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