Advantage of Homeschooling

There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.

― Gandhi

Many parents are now considering to home-school instead of sending their children to public or private schools. Homeschooling is a growing movement around the country and the world, in which parents educate their children at home instead of sending them to a traditional school.

Homeschooling is the parent is the main teacher, because as parents we are with our children every day. I know many people think it’s best to protect our children against COVID19. It’s our responsibility to properly raise them. We as parents should understand our children fully. The effect of all this is a good relationship with them because we hear their needs. 

Here’s some advantage of homeschooling that you might want to consider


We are in charge of the schedule and learning approach, Homeschooling can work whether a child is ahead, behind, strong-willed, creative, challenging, quiet, gifted, or active. We can choose basic elements of education, curriculum and resources, helping our child to learn different subjects or from different point of view. You can help your child learn the level he are ready. The parent can home-school according to a schedule that works best for our child and our family.


Some aspects of homeschooling can be less expensive than a school: No school uniforms, No monthly school service subscription, no public school fees, or private school tuition. Homeschooling means you’re not tied to the timing of the school bus or school schedule. Plan your homeschooling schedule so it works for your family. You can study at night on any kind of day in a week.

Connection with your child

They say parents is the best teacher. For me this is the best benefits because we can share our passions with our kids more than if they were attending school full-time. We can continue learning alongside with them. And we’re allowed to mold the character of our child, and enjoy at the same time.

Can you add some more? please comment or send me a message and let’s add it up to the list.

Mitch V.

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