What Everybody Ought to Know About The “New Normal”

I suppose many of us are asking, will everything ever return to normal after coronavirus lockdown? Maybe some of us are dismayed and distressed on the perception that we will no longer enjoy the things and activities we used to enjoy before the covid pandemic arrived. Nowadays, shaking hands, hugs, and kisses among colleagues, friends, and loved ones are highly restricted to protect us from getting infected. Dining in restaurants & cafes was also banned by the government to impose social distancing. Customers are only allowed to receive their food and drinks to go. Online grocery and food delivery become more and more in-demand to reduce outdoor exposure.

And even now that this has happened, many of us still dwell in the mental systems of a world that no longer exists. How long this communicable disease will impact our lives. Is the “Old Normal” will become the thing of the past? If this pandemic will remain for a longer period and a cure for the disease will not be available, probably we will continue to separate ourselves physically from one another. Likewise, it is possible to lose one of our Filipino traditions like kissing the hands of the elders.

When community quarantine has transitioned into modified general quarantine (MGCQ), the area is considered as under the new normal. Once the whole country is eased or lifted to MGCQ, we will have to deal with our transition to the “New Normal” or to adapt to the new normal way of doing things.

The new normal will keep people from using face mask as defense from Covid-19, to continue physical distancing, and to avoid crowded places as much as possible.

Solo and group outdoor activities, involving contactless sports such as tennis, golf, badminton, and swimming will be permitted if minimum public health standards are implemented.

Public gatherings will be allowed given that public health standards are still implemented and observed. The venue or sitting capacity in an event is limited to 50%.

Road, rail, maritime, and aviation sectors of public transportation will be permitted to operate given that physical distancing is practiced by passengers. Passengers must have one-meter distance and proper measures must be observed.

Work in all public and private companies will also be permitted to continue physical work in full quantity, however, senior citizens, individuals with health conditions, and pregnant women may be given other options for work adjustment.

Physical classes may also be done in higher education institutions provided that there is stringent conformity with minimum health standards, consultation with local government units, and compliance with guidelines set by the Commission on Higher Education.

It’s truly challenging to quit the old way of doing things to conform to the rules implemented during this unprecedented time. However, these guidelines were thoroughly reviewed and formed by the government to save citizens from getting the disease. We have significant participation in this fight against covid. Let’s do our best to follow the guidelines amidst this pandemic and let’s pray that we found a cure to the viral illness. This so-called “World War Z” is not only my battle, but it’s also the battle of the entire world. Together we can win this battle. Together we stand!


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