Quarantine Quality Time (QQT)

We are in the Quarantine period for more than 2 months. Its either ECQ, GCQ, MECQ, or MGCQ. Shortly we will be facing the new normal. Some of us are sad because we can’t catch some of our relatives and friends, some are angry due to most of the businesses are close it means temporarily many people are no work to support daily needs and monthly bills.

If you are going to ask me what I felt about the situation? Well, I was very thankful for it. Please don’t judge me too harshly for it. I am one of the employees who have no work no pay. I have 2 kids who need milk and diaper, plus house rental and utility bills waving at me at the end of the month. Like so many others I don’t have a savings fund for this situation. I and my husband are working for the same company so we have the same situation.

Why I am thankful? I am a working mom so this pandemic gave me time to do my job as a housewife. In the first month I enjoy cooking, doing household chores, and most important as a full-time mommy. I am the one they saw when they open their eyes in the morning, taking a bath for them and even counting how many times they poop and pee the whole day. Funny, but I know there’s a lot of moms relate to me. I cherish every day I fulfill this job. And I don’t even felt tired. I also have time to teach my kids. My eldest is 4 years old she is very close to me. So when the ECQ started I said to her starting today every day is Sunday. Then she reply “really mommy? Wow thank you!” And I saw her every day that she is happy that I and her daddy is around at the house all day. My youngest is a baby boy, he is 22 months we are so close to each other now unlike before it’s okay with him if I go out.

As a working mom I felt guilty leaving my child every day with their nanny because I need to provide their needs. So this quarantine time is a gift for a working mommy like me to catch up with our kids. I know a lot of us having a bad time during this pandemic but let’s look at it in a positive way where we can enjoy life.

Apple Porqueriño

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