Pandemic: An Eye-Opener

Every negative experience can cause both positive and negative impacts on a person and his or her situation. Situations are out of our control, but we can always control our responses. You have to remember that we have that freedom, so exercise it to your benefit. The spread of the coronavirus has caught us all off-guard. It’s difficult to combat an enemy that we can’t see with our naked eye. Only we can make the best out of what’s in front of us, staring right at us.

Let’s examine what could happen to our lives when the coronavirus is gone.

Now that many of us may be getting more comfortable with working-at-home, in the future, we might always prefer to do work online rather than going out and meeting in person. We have ascertained the importance of hand hygiene and coughing hygiene that these practices could become our habits. The hesitation to stay physically close to others, especially to strangers, would always be present.

This pandemic and lockdown taught us to value people more, especially the health practitioners who have braved this pandemic and served us with compassion. Their sacrifice has made us realize that their work is more than just a profession; it is dedication and passion. Parents have now recognized the struggles teachers go through every single day, how challenging their job is. We are far more grateful for store clerks, delivery guys, and small business owners because without them, how could we have our supplies, especially our food and water? This crisis turned us into grateful human beings. 

This appalling enemy is everyone’s common enemy. There are only two sides, the virus and the people. Polarization in politics and societies could prove to be more harmful to us. After this, the pandemic would have ceased; people would be in unity, if not totally, conflicts and disagreements would be diminished. Citizens would be screaming for altruism and generosity; they would be desperate for it more than ever.  I genuinely hope harmony and understanding would manifest after this crisis.

This pandemic has opened our eyes to what is truly important in life, health for one. It helped us focus on the essentials so that we could direct our energy into these necessities of life. We have been reminded of the importance of eating healthy food and be more intentional in preparing nutritious meals. We have become more thankful than ever of being employed and stop complaining about how much we have on our plate at work.

COVID-19 is the stimulus that caused a shift in our perspective on the different issues in life. People have put their lives on the line in the fight against this virus; may the lessons we have learned during this crisis not be forgotten and taken in vain. It will be saddening if we go back to our previous routine. That would mean that people have not truly learned the lessons the crisis has brought to us. 

When this is over, let us not focus on being scared. Focus on the better things the pandemic has caused and live your life, better than before, better than you’ve dreamt of.

Emme Gaerlan

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