One Nanay Story

“Decide whether or not the goal is worth the risks involved. If it is, stop worrying.” – Amelia Earhart

Hi my name is Ivy and usually they called me Nanay here in UAE. I am a Registered Nurse by profession locally and internationally. The day when I became a Nanay, I started to shift into something that I can take care of my family especially my kid’s ages 6 and 3. They’re so young I cannot leave them right now and to think I can search for work here in UAE but many times I asked who’s going to look for them because their father is the one working and to every wife’s goal I think is to help your partner to in all the aspects of marriage, but for me, I really wanted to help my husband. I wanted to share this because I know some of you think why don’t you pursue and get a nursing job again, Once a nurse will always be a nurse, a lot of things need to take in consideration like getting visa worth 100k pesos valid for 2years plus health insurance for the nanny here in middle east, plus the monthly budget for the nanny about 13k to 18k pesos and my salary will just go to the nanny’s expenses. As parents of our two kids we choose it’s better that I will stay with my kids and my husband is the one who will work for us. He told me that it will not be easy if both of us will be out of the house especially the one who is terrible three.

As the COVID 19 became pandemic and lockdown were implemented in all countries who were affected by the spread including our city.

It’s really boring for the first 5 days because I’m just relaxed, watching Netflix, staying long in the kitchen experimenting some menus to serve to my kids, and then I came into realization to search for something that I can do more than just being a full-time mom.
As a nurse to be the front liner in this pandemic, a lot of opportunities and big salary offer here posted and came out on all the social media and hospital sites in UAE but I choose to stay at home and take care of my family because the virus is too deadly and still no cure for it. All of us are prone to be infected and maybe I will be infected too and then my husband is working too. And who’s going to take care of my kids. This is the reality and it’s heartbreaking. I got a lot of chance this lockdown to be resourceful not to waste the day without learning something new. I decided to enroll in TESDA, WHO a lot more and I am overwhelmed with the certificates of completion. I told my sister who is also a nurse in the middle east that I need her help so I can enroll in something I believe that I can help our family. Without any second thoughts she was very supportive to me to get the slot. I got the chance to enroll here in FHMoms and took the GVA course that soon will be my shining skills and hopefully, soon I can find a job so I can start working at home. I know that this task is not an easy job but I am excited to challenge myself and I am happy that I am learning and excited to start earning.

I almost lose hope because the nurse inside of me is no more place to be, but I pause, and Pray this worry will go away.

Now that I have the goal to be a Virtual Assistant, now is the time not to be hesitant!

I can do this. You can, We can…

My own PPE is Practice, Pray and Excel …

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