“LinkedIn is no longer an online resume… It’s your digital reputation.”

– Jill Rowley (Social Selling Evangelist)

Are there still people here not acquainted with LinkedIn? If YES, ensure to read and apply the below tips to create your profile on LinkedIn. Just having a LinkedIn profile that’s not even updated is typically a useless one.


LinkedIn is a relevant professional social networking platform having millions as in many of professional profiles that consist not only of network connections, learnings, industry news but also job opportunities.


LinkedIn is a professional platform, kindly ensure to register using a professional email address. Preferably with this format And since you created a professional email address, this should also be noted in the resume/CV you will attach in your LinkedIn account.


Having a professional-looking photo is an essential part of your profile and there are a number of reasons for that, but most importantly is that the recruiter will be able to recognize you easily. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is for business and career networking.

How to choose a Professional Photo

  • Dress professional – avoid wearing revealing clothes.
  • Simple or Plain background – definitely no pets, buildings, other persons or parties.
  • Use a headshot – LinkedIn profiles even your resumes are usually thumbnails or passport-size photos which means it should me from your head to your shoulder
  • Most Updated Photo – it is not good to meet someone in person having 5-10 years younger on photos provided on the account.
  • Take a photographer or selfie – be confident in taking the photo. You should be able to smile in your natural way.


LinkedIn cover photo  is 1400px by 425px. It should be eye-catching and something to convey you or brand you. For example, if you are HVAC technician, then your cover photo can be images for AC. Also, you may place a business card or your office background, etc.


Based on your government ID, as there are incidents that your LinkedIn account will be restricted and that you will be needing to submit your government ID such as passport or Driving License as proof that you are the account holder.


Your headline can consist of 120 characters. You can mention your current work position and company.


This section can be set-up to be viewed only by recruiters or all the LinkedIn members. Here, you can update your preferred work locations or target work positions.


Summary of yourself or your working experiences.


As advised, it is better to have at least 500+ connections for better opportunities and credibility.. How to gain such numbers? Easy, be active on liking posts or commenting. And also, don’t hesitate to send connection requests.


To show how active you are in LinkedIn, if you made a comment or posts an event or article, it will reflect on your Activity section. It also reflects any changes you made in your profile.


To make your LinkedIn profile more active, you need to customize your profile URL. If you have a common name, you can easily make some adjustments.


Ensure to note all your current and past working experiences.


Volunteering act connects you to your community. In the Volunteer section of LinkedIn, most recruiters prefer to check how active you are not only in your work but also outside your workplace. This is your way to show how productive you are.


Employers and recruiters spend time on checking your skills and endorsements to check if you are qualified for their vacancy. Also, if you listed out your skills, the better chances of receiving contacts from the recruiters.  

What do you think about LinkedIn? Feel free to share your experience.

— RR del Rosario

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