Diary of aVirtual Momma

I’m Alma your virtual mom

My journey as a Virtual Assistant

A year ago I was just a silent reader and a follower of the FHMOm gruop.Reading lots of testemonial of successful moms in the group makes me more curious bout the virtual world.But of course, hesitant to try because I’m a “no how” when it comes to technical aspect.Until one day comes this pandemic and a thought came into my mind “why not,try ko nga baka ito na ung sagot sa prayers ko.”May 11,2020 without any second thoughts I enroll in GVA course with momsh Christine.

Today setting infront of my laptop doing this activity praying and hoping that I will be able to finish the course and in Gods will Ican get a job I want.But for now I will just continue upskilling and continue discovering the virtual world.Please send me your gudlocks and prayers momsh.

Because being a mom is a tough job heads up to us all momsh,and this should not be a hindrance to still reach our dream and pursue it.It doesn’t matter how old you we are.

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