Sinulog Fever 2020!!!

Sinulog Festival or Santo Nino Festival is an annual religious and cultural festival in Cebu. It  is held every third Sunday of January. This is why it’s highly recommended to go to Cebu a few days before the Sinulog festival and stay for a couple more to fully experience the events and also explore the province.

Get started, We booked our flight on cebu pacific  for 4 days Jan. 17 -21, it was a promo fare. Our main reason to visit the CEBU is for SINULOG Festival and then we decided to do the side trip.  Which is to explore the south side of CEBU.  We arrived at Mactan cebu International airport around 11am in the morning ,we take taxi  going to  terminal of MOAL BOAL . There’s 3 option you can choose  to travel the 85km distance from Moalboal to Cebu: you can take a bus (3 hours), a shared van (2.5 hours), or a taxi (2 hours). Fares range from 110 PHP  to 1,500. The bus is the cheapest option at 110 PHP to 130. We arrived on our AIRBNB  around pm. Our Host is so approachable and very helpful, she allowed  us  to rent her  motorbike for us to go around the area.  We decided first to rest and then find some food to eat.  You can check here our AIRBNB 

1st Day Itinerary

  • Kawasan Falls Canyoneering -In Badian, there are lots of tour companies you book with for your Kawasan Falls canyoneering adventure on Cebu. However, sometimes its better to ask your AIRBNB host if they have a tie up tour company, then that’s it we book our tour with them we pay 1400/ per person lunch is included.   
  • Simala Church – after we ate our lunch we went ahead going to Simala church, we drove by motorbike, we ask our host what is the best way in going to church and she instructed us to take BARILLI-TOledo Rd. and luckily we arrived at the church before it will be close.I had few moments inside the Cathedral. Truly, this place is holy with all the religious figures and items. They even have some relics of Saints!

2nd day Itinerary

  • Cebu City-  For us to see the sinulog parade we travel around 2 am heading back to the city proper we  stay near IT Park, convenient with the store and near ayala center cebu. Here is the link for our host . This is exactly the sinulog parade. We arrived at the hotel around 6am in the morning and good thing that our room is available and they allowed us for early check in. we rest for an hour and get ready for our sinulog escapade. We went home around 7pm we, decided  to take out food to eat at the condo . We saw a lot of people are still on the road having some party. It’s a nice and fun experience attending in this one kind of festival in the Philippines.

3rd day Itinerary

City tour – supposed to be our City tour, we already book our tour guide on this day , Itinerary is already set.  But sad to say, when we woke up ,It is raining I feel sad, Because how can we enjoy the said tour if  its raining.I texted our tour guide and ask if the tour is still going. He told me to wait till the rain stops and we will push through our tour. But the thing is  it never stopped  till lunch time. So i texted again our tour guide to cancel our tour. And good thing he agree. I said sorry . Because our tour is cancel we decided to just went to the mall to eat our brunch. Then decided to buy some dried seafoods to bring home  at TABOAN Public Market Then we know that the church of Sto. Nino is within the area. So we went first at the church before going there.

Our last day in Cebu

Our flight is supposed to be 7am in the morning, good thing before we  sleep we check again our flight details then suddenly there’s an email informing us that our flight is rescheduled to 5:45 pm, and one of my siblings message me to take care because there’s a news that theres a case of coronavirus in cebu city. Then when we are at the airport there’s a lot of delayed flight, including our flight. We departed by 6:45 pm and thank God we arrived safe. 

Traveling Cebu is fun, I know that our quick tour is not enough to travel the whole Cebu City . I promised that I will be back here together with my family.


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