@ 40

I didn’t really have much growing up – I only had a pair of shoes that would most of the time be worn out even before my parents could afford to buy me a new one; I lost my dad at a young age, so I had to fend for my family early on. I’m so used to providing for other people that I forgot what I really want for myself, then God blessed me with them – the family that I once only hoped and prayed for. Our journey may not be easy, we may have faced so many roadblocks along the way, my husband and I could’ve chosen the easier way out, but in the end, we would always, always choose the road less traveled and stick to one another no matter how difficult, no matter what it takes. So on my 40th, I’m celebrating it with these my kids and soon to deliver who made my life happier, more colourful and definitely meaningful, and my heart overflowing with love. They’re the reason why I keep waking up in the morning, fighting and moving on, and saying my praises and thanksgiving back to the Lord.


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