El Nido Palawan and Hundred Islands 2019 Getaway

Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

That the photo collage that hang at the wall here in my room. It captivates the sweet and sour memories of me and my son. it gives me an inspiration too to keep moving forward to matter what life may bring in the table, just keep going, and you will discover how strong as a woman, as a mother we can be.

Being a single mother is not that easy, and much harder if you are a thousand miles away from your family which most of the situation of many of us working abroad. But still, let’s focus in the positive side of life. Seven years ago, I left my son when his still 10 yrs. old because I have to work abroad. You know, the common reason was, to give him a better future. Every year I make sure that I’ll spend my annual vacation with my family and with my son. Going to the mall, watching movies, eating outside, everything. I can’t even remember when the last time I socialized with my old friends. But it’s totally fine with me. My son is most important than anyone else.

I want to show him how beautiful our country is. That the Philippines is blessed of thousands of breath-taking sceneries. I want to explore first our locally, as they say don’t be a stranger in your own home land. We are fortunate that we got a chance to visit Tangadan Falls at La union, Hundred Islands at Pangasinan, Kawasan falls at Cebu, Puerto Prinsesa and El Nido at Palawan

There is nothing more gratifying experiences to have an opportunity to explore new places, to be able to meet new people, to discover that compassion and kindness still exist in this world a you meet new people, and most important is, I am doing of all of this with my son, creating special unforgettable memories that money can’t buy.

Travelling taught me to have a deeper appreciation in life. To pause for a while, and look back in and realize how lucky  I am. Sometimes there is nothing more fulfilling by just watching the sunset, the sunrise, and the cool breeze of air that reminds us how fortunate are we. That more than material things, there is a lot more to explore which gives more meaning in our journey in life.

You may think travelling is too expensive, well, yes a little sometimes. But there is a lot of ways you can do to prepare for your vacation. Plan ahead, save some penny, do some research. I used to read lots of travel blogs like  thepinaysolobackpacker, thepoortraveler and much more good bloggers site who love to explore. Their site is full pack of lots of information from where you can book your flights, accommodation, transportation, tour package and many more. The information in the internet is over flowing. Just spend a decent time to research and your good to go.

Booking your ticket is a great way of for you to save money as they are cheaper. There are some tours also that you can go with without leaving your wallet crying. You can join a different group who travel locally every weekends, which you can pay for the tour fee as low as 999ph or 599ph.That is the best way for have a quick break, explore new place and meet new people too.

Last year, we went to El Nido, Palawan and Bolinao & Hundred Islands at Pangasinan. Good thing I made my own travel itinerary when we went at Hundred Islands. I will share it with you, so you have an idea how much it will cost you going there.

We booked our Hundred Island trip at Zendaya Travel and tours Feel free to check other tour agency and compare all their offer.

To have an memorable travel, all you have to do is save, make a plan, and do lot’s of research. Hope this may help you in your future!

Hello there! Its me, Anna! thank you for spending your precious time reading my blog. Hope to see you soon in my next travel blog, hopefully it will be international next time. Cheers!!!

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