Surviving Motherhood

As a mother, all I want is to give my children a good future. But how? I didn’t graduate in college and didn’t have a job?

I was pregnant with my second child as I felt all the hardships as a mother. In those times, I knew my husband’s income was not enough for us. Kaya pinasok ko lahat ng pwedeng pagkakitaan, I run a loading station business and selling beauty products and clothes. All of that, I only debt from my mother’s boss.

But all of my business went bankrupt because I also lent everything to my costumers and they didn’t pay me. So I owed a debt to my mother’s boss, Bigtime. And I didn’t know how to get up again or where to start to fix my problem because I had no money left to pay my debt off.

I felt so hopeless at that point in my life. Whenever my son got sick, I was just cried and cried because I don’t know where to get cash for his check-up. But I chose to fight and keep living for my son and the baby in my womb.

So I continued running my loading station business, bagamat maliit ang kita sa pagbebenta ng load pero malakin na ring bagay yun para saakin. When I gave birth to my second child, we were in a financial problem, and I still have a lot of problems and debt, but I face life’s challenges, and I keep praying to God.

Then I started as an online seller. After that, I became an online assistant and until now. All my debt was paid off, Nakapag ipon na rin ako ng mga gamit at may kaunting savings na rin ako. Bagamat marami pa ring dumarating na problema saakin ngayon pero patuloy kong hinaharap at nilalaban ang hamon ng buhay.  

I have three children now, and my goal now is to find a stable job to give my children a better future.

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