When President Rodrigo Duterte declared that Luzon-wide would be under Enhanced Community Quarantine, 360 degrees swift change in our lives happened. Works, Classes & suspension of mass transportation limit the movement of people to contain the spread of the virus.

No work, no pay means no money for food and necessities. No mass transportation mean people were not able to travel for whatever purposes; they have to walk from short distance to extra miles if they have to.

Parties and mass gatherings were prohibited (please excuse the officials who misunderstood this rule), to name a few.

But during this pandemic, I realized or were able to observe the following;

Environmentally, the skies are bluer and lighter than they are before. Some bodies of water are more clearer with less waste from the restaurants and factories.

Humanely, some people are willing to help to provide food, medicines, and even shelter for the needy ones. The government tirelessly look for ways to lighten the burden of our fellow Filipinos. Some companies extend help to their employees through relief goods and cash assistance.

Relationship, couples rekindle the cold relationship. Birth rate expectedly booms after nine months. Families can survive with necessities. Milk tea is not mandatory. Parents spend more time with their kids. Doing chores and exploring possibilities together. Siblings will not kill each other even if they stay together in a more extended period. They form this new bond to gang up on their parents by executing tricks. (As long as everybody is smiling) You miss annoying colleagues.

 Personal Growth, people look for new hobbies. Self-help videos and webinars. No one dies from boredom; they pursue a different career by being a chef, TikTok talent, and even an inventor. Develop a new skill of budgeting and financial planning due to the limited source of income.

The New Normal may be painful for the majority of citizens most especially those under the lower-class and middle-class bracket of the society, but it has it’s few benefits. By wearing a face mask, it does not matter if ladies are wearing the latest shade of lipstick and blush. We only need to put some sunscreen. Social Distancing will give us privacy and boost personal space when in public. With Work from Home, people tend to be resourceful to find new careers during the home quarantine. We Filipinos always get by. We are flexible.

Pandemic is severe and considered as dark times, but it also brought some lights to our personal lives.

It may be minimal but could be a RESET BUTTON in terms of relationship.

By: Susana Valdemoro

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