A Miracle!

Born too Soon

I conceived my youngest baby last 2015. He was due on November 16 that year. I had a hard time during my pregnancy, encountering all the symptoms of a pregnant woman such as morning sickness, sensitive smell, irritation, vomiting, and sleeplessness. Nevertheless, I was still managing house chores, 2 kids, and their schooling. Until such time my Ob-gynecologist advised me to get bed rest for 2 consecutive months.

I was confined for 3 days, on the 4th day – October 04 I gave birth to my baby. He was just less than 33 weeks. My husband went back upon learning that I had a premature delivery.

Our daily routine after my discharged was we have go to the hospital to see him everyday in a window of the NICU. After 3 days the same scenario but this time, we are allowed inside 3 times a day to breastfeed him and my husband performs (KFC) Kangaroo Care for Fathers. There are days and weeks that we almost stay in the hospital’s lobby overnight or we only get to stay at our house for a maximum of 8 hours as long as we don’t get a text message from his nurse. Why? Because the baby has a feeding time schedule, he has a laboratory and screening tests which I wanted to witness then and they don’t allow us to get a private room while he is in the NICU. Honestly, because of the situation we really didn’t get to take care of my 2 boys. They were with my parents or with my in-laws.


Yes. My husband is an OFW, a seaman for more than 10 years. But he is the only one who has a consistent income. We have 2 boys, we live in an apartment, we paid bills, we had invested in a house nearby and at the same time we need to pay attention to our hospital bills. Imagine?.. Do the math 🙂

  1. After 24 hours of his birth – He needs to be injected with a “surfactant” prescribed by his Neonatologist, 1 dose cost Php 20,000.00 for his premature lungs or RDS.
  2. I was discharged after 5 days confinement for Php 95,000.00 (CS delivery)
  3. The next day, my husband paid Php 60,000.00 for 3 days of Jaycie’s stay in the NICU and all the laboratory tests, incubator and etc.
  4. The following days, we needed a payment deposit to the hospital so they would not close our account. 
  5. Every 3 days I need to pay separately Php 7,500.00 for his incubator fee.
  6. Our final bill was Php 540,000.00 (except No. 1 and 2 payment)

All in all, my confinement, NICU and private room we stayed in the hospital for 50 Days. He was discharged November 19, 2015. Whew!

Walking on water was never easy. But I thank GOD’s super grace and super favors for me and my husband to get through this.

First few days…

Whew! was not that a relief at all! At Home, we were advised the following:

  • After 2 weeks, we have an appointment as usual in his Pedia Doctor, turned out months for vaccines and twice a month to his Neonatologist.
  • No dogs / pets allowed at home.
  • No smoking. My husband used to smoke, but because of Jaycie’s special care he followed the doctor’s advice.
  • Jaycie needs to be isolated. Clean room, sanitized, All the Do’s and Don’ts in a baby.
  • This is very IMPORTANT: If someone has cough and cold, that person needs to move out as per the doctor’s advice but we couldn’t bear the situation so we let them stay in other rooms.
  • We need to be cautious for the health of my youngest son.

Time came when my 2 boys were very sick. They had fever and flu for days. They were coughing and sneezing a lot. Getting very clingy to us.  I was so heartbroken when we needed to talk to them (7 & 3 yrs old) to stay with Mamitah’s house so that Jaycie won’t get sick. That time, they did not understand the reason and were always crying with her Mitah. They were not used to be sleeping away from me.

Tough times,

When Jaycie turned 4 months old, I rushed him to the hospital due to cough and colds. He was asleep, but he seemed to be frozen for awhile. I was in panic mode! His pedia said that he was experiencing “apnea.” A state where a premature baby forgets to breathe for 15-20 seconds during sleep. He was confined for 3 days and the doctor’s findings were Pneumonia. But the main cause of it was because of RDS or respiratory distress syndrome due to weak lungs for he was born premature.

From then on, everytime he gets sick he is being confined with same findings and would undergo screening tests and medication for some months. 

  • We went in and out of the hospital twice a year until he reached the age of 3.
  • When he turned 2 years old, he overcame the stage of apnea.
  • February 2019 was his last confinement for 5 days, same findings and same routines thereafter.

5 days of confinement THIS TIME. I wanted to burst out and cry. Lord, every year… every year… I closed my eyes, but I did not shed tears. Though my heart feels like grieving…

We are running out of cash, credit cards and his HMO won’t accept the doctor’s  findings anymore because pneumonia was under pre-existing illness coverage thus, we needed to pay half of his hospital bills.

Good News!

I am very particular to dates and schedules. Since day 1 of what we have gone through, I always count the days and forecast a monthly task even as a housewife. I learned from this situation. 

Today, May 23, 2020. My Golden Boy hasn’t been confined yet! And In Jesus Name, he will never be. Now you know why everyone calls him “Golden Boy.” #pangkabuhayanshowcase :>

He was never that sick, minor flu yes but he is coping. I have stocked medicines, vitamins, and vials for him. Yes, I am prepared 🙂

Well, he is a picky eater, His development is still delayed when it comes to age. But I see him as an intelligent toddler, has a good memory, interested in books, by the way he’s fond of Lightning Mcqueen. At his age now he is just starting to run around the house and getting messy with toys. 

Jaycie is a miracle baby. God says: “the boy will live!” Surprisingly we welcomed each event and walked on the narrow road. 

My favorite song about Jaycie is entitled “Blessings” – Laura Story.

Because blessings come through raindrops and healing comes only through tears. And that is GOD’s MIRACLE!

Because blessings come through raindrops and healing comes only through tears. And that is GOD’s MIRACLE!

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