Everyone fails in life. At one point or another, you’re going to suffer through failure. If you haven’t already experienced some monumental failures, then you just wait and see. I don’t say that because my outlook is pessimistic – it’s the realist in me speaking here.

The problem? Most people associate failure with complete defeat. I know, because I’ve failed countless times over. In fact, at one point, you could have called me a professional failure. I was failing at everything. Marriage. Business. Life in general. And I felt a sense of total and absolute defeat.

But through those failures I learned some important lessons. In fact, before having to suffer through countless failures, one after another, I never realized the importance of failing. I also never realized how some of the most famous people to have ever lived had failed the most times..

Today, I would never take my failures back. I would never unwind the clock and do it all over again. I would never undo my failures. I can almost assure you that the most successful people in the world wouldn’t do so either. While failure hurts at the time, it’s part of life’s design – a divine chisel.

When we fail, we learn. We grow and mature, achieving new understandings and perspectives on life, love, business, money, relationships, and people. We’re forced to make new connections, bridging gaps where we hadn’t connected the dots before.

Failure is also a part of the genetic makeup of life. Our DNA is the result of endless failures. With each iteration, our genetic fiber has used those failures to evolve. It’s part of natural selection and the grand design of things here on earth.

However, if you’re going through failure right now, you might not find its utility at this moment. I know that wading through failure hurts. In fact, the pain can run so deep, that at times, you question your very existence. But there’s most certainly light at the end of the tunnel – I can guarantee you that.

Throughout my very many failures, I came away with some important lessons, lessons that I wanted to share with all of you. I know how hard it was to move through and past failure. And I know that if you’re going through it right now, literally, I feel for you. Because I  know just how much it hurts.

Still, lessons learned through failure are some of the most invaluable lessons you could possibly garner in life. If failure has shaped you for the better, I would love to hear about it in the comments. Here’s what it’s done for me.

  • You realize it isn’t the end of the road
  • It helps to redefine your priorities in life
  • It shapes what you value
  • It makes you more compassionate
  • It improves your perspective on finance
  • You’re forced to revise your approach
  • You learn who your true friends really are
  • You develop new ways to cope with your emotions
  • You look to your faith in a higher power
  • You realize that success isn’t everything
  • You re-envision your goals
  • You seek out inspiration through others
  • You learn to better manage your time
  • You become more passionate about your mission
  • You develop a deeper sense of community
  • You recognize your bad habits
  • You learn to never give up

I know. I know. It’s the proverbial cliche, “Never give up.” But, while it sounds mundane and over-repeated, it’s entirely true. When you harbor deep enough meanings for succeeding, you learn to never give up, no matter what the situation.

No matter how many times people laugh at you, walk all over you, or just plain ignore you, you just keep pushing. It doesn’t matter if we only progress just a little bit each day. What matters is that we make some progress at all. We can’t just stop.


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