Journey of a Fur Mom

A love for Pomeranian.

Every once in a while, a Pomeranian enters your life and changes everything.

This is Stark but most of the time I call him Starky (I only call him stark when I am angry at him hehehe!). Starky is my first pomeranian son. 

I have never imagined that I will love to have dogs in my house because I have allergic rhinitis and I really dislike dogs in general because I thought they smell bad and that they will just make my house dirty and smelly. I was literally wrong…

I kept thinking to I ready? Am I going to really love this dog? There are so many questions in my mind… but I finally had the courage to let this dog enter my home. And the feelings I had before were all gone and was replaced with overwhelming love. I never thought that I would actually be a fur mom.

A tiny dog with a huge personality.
Pomeranian always greets you with a smile.

I chose to have this Pomeranian breed of dog firstly because I was never bothered by their fur or shedding. In fact, I love it best when I nuzzle my face on Starky’s fluffy fur.

Here are my other reasons why I love Pomeranians:

1. Because they are so small, cute and cuddly with their soft double coat hair.

2. Because they are fun to train, with their super energetic genes and plainly due to their playfulness.

3. Because they are watchful dogs. Starky surely is very protective of me especially when there are strangers around me.

4. Because they are so friendly and sweet. They love to be touched all the time, and to snuggle and cuddle.

5. Because they really don’t smell bad at all! In fact, Starky smells so good everyday! So you will never have a problem at your home about stench.


Having Stark really added joy in my life. My 2 sons now are all grown up so Starky became my fur son and my loyal companion. I know how much he loves me because he always goes wherever I go and just stay by my side when I’m sleeping.

One other thing, especially during this time of covid-19, Starky brings so much joy and fun to all of us. You will definitely forget your problems and anxieties once you see their smiley faces and eagerness to play. There is no room for boredom when you have a Pomeranian dog whom you can play with any time. He brings so much positivity and peace in our home especially in the lives of my kids. In addition, Starky always loves to play catch the ball and loves his treats so much! He looks so amazing whenever he jumps because of his long fur. I love it best when he stands and walks on his back legs like a small, furry human!

And so, I will never forget May 11, 2019, the day when we brought Starky home. He is now 1 year and 2 months old and as always he brightens my day. One of my my favorite time is whenever I wake up and he will jump to my lap with gladness and joy to be belly rubbed. Having Starky is one of my greatest decision because of the love that he pours upon me and my 2 sons. It is such a delight to cuddle him, he surely makes me feel safe and loved.

It is a given that Pomeranians will give us their unconditional love and it is only right that we take good care of them. If you feel anxious and worried during this time of pandemic, a cute Pomeranian would surely ease your minds and make you feel happy. A big thanks for reading and keep safe fur moms!

A Pomeranian is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

by: Sharjah Senoron

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