Exploring Yokohama is one activity that every tourist should consider when traveling in the Kanto Region. When my family decided to stay in Japan, this city is one of our options and when we finally made our choice, my husband and I agreed to get a house near Yokohama. 

Never have I imagined I will be visiting so many beautiful and scenic spots in Yokohama and one of this is their famous Red Brick Warehouse which served as the hub for export trade activities at the Port of Yokohama.


This Brick Warehouse (Aka Renga Soko) is a pair of very famous and historical landmark buildings that housed an artistic shopping center, historic site, banquet hall, and event grounds. 

The European vibe of the Red Brick Warehouse starts with its unique architecture. The building is made of red bricks which are not common in Japanese buildings on site. The front of the building host a very wide courtyard where you can see a stretch of shrubs, beautiful flowers, and trees. 

Two main buildings are running parallel to each other and the interior of the buildings features the bricks, beautiful hardwood floors, and exposed ceilings. The appearance is very earthy and chic and makes it a nice place to be.

The interior of the building housed a shopping mall with stunning out of the ordinary feel. There are well-known names and common shops there are also many uniquely featured shops, artifacts, and a wide space of souvenir shops featuring pieces and goodies you can only find in Yokohama. received_932986973767669

There are also a lot of chic dining restaurants you can try after exploring every corner of the place.


Most of Yokohama events and concerts are held here every year. Try to visit this place and surely you will not regret it !


Shops open between 10-11:00 am and is close by 8:00 pm.  Nearest stations are Nihon-Odori and Bashamichi (Minato Mirai Line), while Sakuragicho and Kannai (JR and Blue Lines) are within walking distance as well.


By: Lisette dela Paz


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