Work from Home – Is it for you?

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Big improvement in technologies is happening and practiced all around the world. With what’s happening nowadays, almost all employees are working from home and since they have experienced it already, many people are considering this kind of setting. While for some it is a good option, others may not favor the idea. But before jumping to such a conclusion, one has to have a comprehensive look at the positive and negative results or the advantages and disadvantages before switching from office to homebased setting.

Here are a few of the advantages if you will be working from home.

Commute no more

Before the pandemic happened, commuting or getting to and from the office spends so much time. Long patience is necessary. Lining up to be able to ride public transport is already a big problem. Lucky you are, if your pickup place has a first-come, first-served basis. But if not, you have to have lots of strength to struggle to be able to take a seat. Then, the traffic you have to suffer to reach your destination. The 30-45 minutes travel time you have to spend during without or less traffic, you have to endure 2-3 hours to reach your destination. Feeling exhausted before you reach your workplace.

Flexibility of time

Since most of the clients you will get are on a different time zone like United States, Australia, London, etc., your work hours will most likely be on graveyard shift or for some, you will be allowed to provide your own time schedule or have flexible time as long as the quality of work will not be sacrificed and be able to meet the deadlines. This will give you time for doctor appointments, groceries, attending school activities, bringing kids to school, gym, and many more.

Big savings

There’s a probability of prospective savings because expenses associated with going to work will be avoided. You have savings in transportation, gas, tolls, parking fees, savings in clothing (can wear cozy clothes, house clothes, comfortable clothes), savings in your grooming needs, make-up kits, etc. and even savings on foods (eating out). In short, less money to spend.

Healthier lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can also be benefited from working from home. Since you don’t have to commute in going to the office, the hours of traveling can be added to the number of hours in sleeping or in exercising. You will not be exposed to air pollution or virus and germs transferred by co-commuters. No toxic work relationships so less stress. Can prepare healthy meals instead of repeated options of food served at the office canteen or restaurants.


You do not need to put on makeup or fix your hair. Can just wear comfortable clothes instead of formal uniforms worn in the office.

Working environment

You can create your own that works best for you or work anywhere you want as long as you have a laptop and a good connection.

Closer family ties

You will have hands-on supervision on members of the family in food preparation, sending kids to school, instead of living them in the care of helpers, yaya or relatives. Have time to family discussions like experiences in school, their accomplishments, and even listening to their problems, helping and guiding them to do their homework, projects, and many more. May also join in their playing activities. Frequent and open communication result in closer family ties.

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Working from home can be good or advantageous but negative consequences should also be considered before deciding a career switch.

Uncontrolled distractions at home

This requires a greater level of discipline on you and on the part of other members of the family. Examples of these distractions are created noise from like playing loudly, listening to loud music, pounding and even noise from barking dogs, and passing vehicles. There is also the temptation of doing household chores, watching on Netflix like K-dramas, movies, series, or even going to do marketing. Distractions are everywhere. You need to focus to be able to do the job. One needs to have a schedule or a list of things to do.

Lesser social life

Since you will work alone and independently, social activities may be cut-off which is also used by most to rewind or recharge energy. May result also to boredom due to isolation, less communication with others, lack of social interactions. There will be times that you will miss the corporate world.

Home office setup

This is optional but if you will be doing calls and there will be distractions like background noise, children playing, passing vehicles, one has to spend in setting up a conducive home office environment, equipping the necessary equipment in order to have a productive, efficient, and excellent performance of work. Need to have fast and reliable broadband internet.

Internet problem and power outage

Need I say more? You know how bad our internet connection here. Make sure that you have a backup connection and/or generator. Need to find a café or place that has a power or internet connection.

Difficulty in separating work from home and work at home

Strict work schedule should be observed. Strict routine should be followed. Avoid overtime works. Overdoing any of the two will have a bad result.

Being workaholic

You tend to be a workaholic since you are just working from home. Some get more than two clients and work for 12-16 hours. This will cause burnt out.

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Remember, if you want this kind of setup, you need to have this:

  • Self-discipline
  • Focus
  • Time management
  • Can work on your own
  • Laptop and broadband connection

You can try doing it part-time and/or on weekends. Then, by evaluating these factors, with plenty of pros and cons, decide if working from home is right for you. It is still up to you.

Always strive to be a better worker!

Rochelle A.

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