She Designs by Sheryl Quirolgico

She Designs by Sheryl Quirolgico. Sheryl is a Graphic and Interior Designer who aim a Minimalist and Sophisticated Designs. The goal is to keep everything neat, simple and yet functional. She believes in Leonardo da Vinci’s life mantra “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication.” In design world everything is a Piece of Art.

Here are some Tips on how to Create a Minimalist and Sophisticated Designs:

1. Make a Plan – list down all the ideas, concepts, and designs that you can think of regarding the art, project or task you are about to do. From there, choose the design that you are most interested and also connected to the topic or genre of your project.

2. Research – you already made a plan and you know what you want. But still, you feel something is lacking or missing. Thank Google! You can do research anytime. And this will help you to be more creative and knowledgeable with regards of your design.

3. Don’t Procrastinate – do it now! the early you do it, the better. The more time you have the more creative you will be. If there’s any changes you want it will be easier and possible for you to do it as you still have enough time.

4. Finalized – when you find yourself already satisfied, I think that’s the time for you to close it or sealed it “DONE”. Don’t try to retouch or redo it. Don’t experiment more because there will be chances that you will regret it if you will make it worst.

5. Practice – do it often! Practice makes perfect. In art, it’s hard to tell which is perfect or not. Everyone has their own perspective of perfection. But if you practice to do you hobby, passion or job everything will improved! You will gain a lot of skills, knowledge through out the experience.

6. Do Your Best! – always do your best! be a goal getter. We cannot please everybody. Sometimes what’s good and beautiful for us, is not the same for others. Don’t be over sensitive and lose hope. Take criticism as a inspiration for us to strive and do better. At the end of the day, what matters most is what and how you feel. If you think you did your best. Make it sure you will do better next time.

Written by: Sheryl Quirolgico

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