Seven (7) Things we have done at home while on #Enhance Community Quarantine

  1. Plumbing –  the best time to randomly check around possible minor defects or leakage on your faucet, piping, toilet bidet, or shower area that could possibly cause high water consumption especially if the house is a bit old.  My husband initiated a check and found a few minor defects that needed to be fixed. Given the current situation that we have at this moment, and the #Social Distancing the only option that we had is for him to do it and happy to say that it was a success. See images.
  1. Carpentry and Repair – this is another way to be productive while staying at home. Let’s face the fact that whether your house is new or a bit old, it is but normal that we have what you call the “Wear and Tear”  it doesn’t really matter how big or small, minor or major it would be, one thing is definite, we had to do some repairs. It was a challenge at first, but my husband did a good job in repainting our fence (with the old stock of paints), drilling walls to hang some decors that are almost forgotten, installing simple shelves  See photos.
  1. Decluttering and Re-organising –  sometimes, these are the things that we usually overlook especially if we are busy working in the office or managing the business if you have. More often than not, we are not paying much attention to small things, like sorting some papers, documents, clothes, cleaning, and organizing the kitchen pantry. Instead of thinking about what to do, we had applied  2’s from the famous 5’s systems, Sort and Set in Order or Organize. It was a success, as we finally discarded unnecessary papers/documents and threw some expired kitchen stocks.
  1. Household Chores Training for kids – aside from keeping themselves busy with the gadgets, we took advantage of this time to encourage our kids to learn the basic household chores. We have a thirteen-year-old daughter and we are just so happy with her willingness to learn some. As parents, we are proud of this simple achievement. Now our daughter knows how to wash the dishes, fix her bed, and even help in cleaning the house. We are not only teaching them simple household chores but also for her to become independent and responsible.
  1. Baking & Cooking with kids – It is a great bonding moment with your kids, Cooking and Baking, Even though I am not a good cook nor baker but I was able to share and teach our daughter simple dishes. For baking, together we learn while watching the Youtube Academy. Now we can bake cookies and bread, It may not look perfect in appearance but the taste was good. It was also a good way to keep them away from gadgets for an hour or two. 
  1. Online Learning – Perfect timing to learn while staying at home. Definitely taking my liberty to upscale online learning, enhance and level up our skills. If you cannot afford paid online courses. Take advantage of those FREE online training courses that are being offered. Be positive.
  1. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit – Our current situation brought to most of us Fear, Anxiety, and Depression because of the Pandemic. We have to keep our body and soul healthy. Our daughter is doing her daily dose of exercise while I do walking in the morning.

It may not be for all, but most likely, the majority of us who are staying at home due to CoVid-19 pandemic thinking on how we could be productive while staying at home. I hope you learn something here.

Actually, there are lots of things we can do, Relaxing, Movie marathon, Get hooked with Korean movies, Crafting (if materials are available).

In the midst of the pandemic that the world is facing now. Prayers are the most powerful weapon that we have. Let us pray to heal our land.  Stay Safe!

Aida M. Peria

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