Reminiscing The Good Times

The pandemic we are facing now has put our summer plans on hold. Travel tickets canceled or rescheduled, plans, and goals reassessed to cope with this difficult time. If things went as planned, I would have gone home to the province to spend the summer vacation with my parents. I won’t have pictures of me basking under the summer sun this year but I would love to tell you about the wonderful things worth reminiscing regarding my hometown.

I was born in a sleepy coastal town in the northern part of Samar Island. My childhood was full of adventures with the beach as my playground. You might be wondering where exactly on the map this place is located. Let me tell you a brief geography of this place I’m raving about. 

Northern Samar is a province located in Eastern Visayas, Region 8. You can reach the island via air or combined land and sea travel. Domestic flights are catered by Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. You’ll be in Northern Samar in less than two hours if you go by plane.

Land travel on the other hand takes around 18 to 20 hours, including the waiting time to board the ferry from Matnog, Sorsogon to Allen, Northern Samar, or the other port situated in San Isidro, Northern Samar (fastcat ferry). Yes, the travel is long but it has its perks. From Cubao or Pasay, depending on the bus station you choose, you will get to pass through Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, and the Bicol Region. Which means you will get a glimpse of Mount Makiling and Mount Mayon. Isn’t that great?

Once you arrive, you will travel through the coastal roads. Lots of blue to calm your mind.  Blue sky and there’s the crystal clear seawater so vast it will make you smile. Now, that’s one in the long list of what makes Northern Samar a great place to spend your summer vacation.

Another thing is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to spend a day in a beach resort. Entrance and cottage fees won’t cost you an arm and leg. If you opt to go to an island, boat fees can be expensive so the trick there is to go with others to fill the capacity of the motorboat, that way you’ll have other passengers to split the cost with.

Also, fresh seafood! You’ll see and eat fish you haven’t seen before. Trying new things or in this case, food that you will be bragging about in your social media accounts.

Our house is facing the ocean. I can watch the sunset from my bedroom’s windows. Cool, right? This is one of the things I miss the most living in the city. The silver lining is that I can always go back whenever I can to recharge my mind and body.

Northern Samar has a lot more to offer. There’s the Biri Rock Formation, The Capul Lighthouse that was built by the Spaniards, a pink beach, and beautiful waterfalls to mention a few. 

Residing comfortably in a big city with all the necessities within reach is great but once in a while, it’s nice to go somewhere else to break our routine. To commune with nature, observe other cultures, or just simply relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

I grew up in a small town, with fond memories of climbing trees, swimming in the river or sea ( I get to choose since our place has both),  playing in the sand and a lot more. I won’t have it any other way.

Laurice Viray

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