Hi! This is Teacher Angel! I have been teaching English for more than a year and I don’t think that this is a profession but actually a passion to teach and see my student learn and improve their English skills. It is also nice to meet young and adults who are eager to learn and improve their English skills which makes me more determined to learn as well, so that I can impart my knowledge with them. And sometimes it is really nice when you were able to build relationships with them, from being your students to friends. And when you see them fulfill their goals and become the best version of themselves, it is priceless.

The demand for ESL teachers throughout the world increases each year and teaching ESL has become a popular career among English speakers. Sharing with you are some strategies that might help, for those who want to be an online ESL Teacher.


Creating a positive atmosphere with your presence creates a positive learning environment. Smiling is really important, you want to make them feel at ease, and smiling is the quickest way to do this.


Natural levels of speech that are slowed down to allow students to process what is being said with clear enunciation.


Have fun and try to make the student laugh. Make funny faces and do funny voices. The sillier you are, the more your students will enjoy learning from you. Your students will be learning this outside of their school hours, so your online ESL class shouldn’t feel like school – so make it as fun as possible (whilst still being educational).


TPR or the Total Physical Response is a language teaching method built around the coordination of speech and action; it attempts to teach language through physical activity.

It is very important when teaching a second language and especially when you’re working with children. When you teach online you need to enunciate the vocabulary to show the motions of your mouth /tongue /breath for students to imitate. It is also advised to apply TPR (Total Physical Response) to your teaching to give orders and explanations to students because physical activities contribute to student’s active participation and longer retention, and Reinforcement, repetitive drills are necessary to ensure effective learning.


Engagement will differ based on your setup on your online classroom. For a young student to engage them and to avoid learning fatigue we can use props, such as printed pictures and toys, and to keep students focused and increase their interactivity, you can use some puppets or some other figure object. Older students you have to have some connections. You can ask them like-> Have you been to America? Or What countries do you know? What are your hobbies? You have to engage them by connecting to what they already know. It makes your class more interesting if you give some rewards to the student like giving them star/trophies if they answer some question or activity during your class it give them encouragement to study well.


What is an extension? -> it is how you expand on the content that you are teaching in that lesson, how do you extend with the content.

Extension is important because every student level is not the same so within that level we have our advanced students and we have those that need some more support . Older student – > extension may come from a word or a picture and may ask during the class. What is this? circling on the screen so they have a visual of what that word looks like.


It is important to connect to some other online teacher because this is the second way to get some ideas and advice on how to improve more your teaching skills. You can also give some feedback on something and teach and learn from each other.

Angel Malabanan

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