From Passion to Business: How My Husband and I started a Business Doing Something We Love

Everyone can cook but only the fearless can be great” – Gusteau


My husband and I began our love story with food. Funny as it seems, I am not the type of girl who enjoys being given roses/ chocolates/ teddy bears/ any expensive gifts and when my husband courted me, he knew that from the start.. hahaha! Instead, he would bring fresh ingredients he bought from the supermarket, go to our house and start cooking for my whole family. It was there that I realize that he is not like any other guy who would try to swoon a girl’s heart with sweet messages/ expensive gifts and instead tried to catch my attention through his cooking. (so the saying is also true that a way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach) haha

By the time we got engaged, both of us went to Taiwan to pursue our Master’s study. We were both enrolled on the same school and took the same part-time job to help finance our stay and studies there. That was the time where we learned about the nooks and crannies of opening a restaurant shop since we were hired when the business was still starting. Both of us worked as cooks & servers.

It was a fun experience for both of us back then. Sometimes, only the both of us were working at this very large restaurant that can serve of up to 50 people. Imagine the stress we had to go through, getting the order, accepting payment, preparing the food, washing the dishes, cleaning after the tables and entertaining the guests (oh my! Im feeling the stress we felt back then while writing this).. haha! but nonetheless, we had a lot of fun and we learned a lot of new dishes that were inspired by the Peruvian cuisine.


2015, when we finished our Master’s study, we decided to come home to the Philippines and start settling down here. By the time we got married by 2017, we ventured into small businesses like opening up our own carenderia, selling homemade spreads/ dishes that my husband would cook to people we know. However, those were not really sustainable as the items expire quickly thus leaving us to continuously work everyday to supply the needs of our customers.

My husband found his EUREKA moment when one day I asked him to make me some buffalo wings.

With my love for buffalo wings, he thought of creating a sauce that can easily be poured to freshly fried chicken wings to save time when cooking. Thus, the barbecue sauce was first created at our humble home in Banilad, Cebu.


Before selling the sauce to the public, we asked our friends and families how they find the sauce’s taste as we experimented with a variety of ingredients bought from Cebu’s local vendors to capture that perfect recipe. From our friends’ suggestion and countless of experimentation, the final recipe was formulated and the first batch of sauces was produced and sold to our friends and family March 2018.

Soon, word spread and orders poured in from people that we don’t personally know. In April 2018, Spread & Co made its first public display at The Outlets in Pueblo Verde to help increase brand awareness.


We continue to receive orders from customers online and are displaying our products at Craft Story, Crossroads Banilad and at Makers at Dear Paper, Bonifacio District.

We make sure that every bottle of barbecue sauce is made to perfection. The support and positive feedback we get from the public is what keeps us going as we try to fulfill our mission in making every meal extra special. More spreads and condiments will be available soon as we launched a new product we call SALTY SPRINKLES.


Spread & Co hopes to be patronized as a locally-known brand by their fellow Cebuanos. From quality, fresh ingredients, to glass bottles, to awesome flavors, every product is tried and true, based on the original recipe and held to the strict quality standards of the owner himself. Spread & Co aims to be the premium brand of barbecue sauces, marinades, and condiments in the country.

We hope our story inspired you to make money doing something you love because you’ll never know who will be interested in trying it. We never thought that what was once produced in our small kitchen would become a business we would hold dearly in our hearts and share it to the rest of the people in our hometown. What Gusteau has said is true- that everyone can cook but only those who are fearless can be great and we sure did achieve that by taking our dreams and ambitions one step at at time.

Written by: Sherwyn Sarabosing

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