Being Productive During Enhance Community Quarantine

First of all, let me give you a short introduction of myself —my name is Jennifer, born and raised at Baguio City and has a 2-year-old baby girl. My hobbies are traveling, being creative, eat lots of food, and especially I like to learn new things. I am currently working in a corporate world as a Customer Relations wherein we deal with customer complaints, assisting customers, and satisfying their needs. However due to Luzon Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) we had to stop our operations and follow our government’s mandate.

So, how many days, weeks, months have already passed since the start of ECQ. To date of this writing it has already been 44 days and counting since it started. Let me first ask you, how have you been? What did you do during the ECQ? Did you do any of the tiktok challenges? Or better yet, sit all day long while holding your cellphone, browsing Facebook. Have you been productive? I want to share with you what I have been doing lately.
For the first week of ECQ I have been a bum, like everyone else, I spent my first week enjoying the lockdown binge-watching, browsing Facebook, doing whatever I want until I came across a blog with the following title “11 Things to Do in Self-Quarantine That Are More Productive Than Netflix”. you may also want to read it. I know, I know, my introduction is getting long already so without further ado, here is my top 3 activity.

1. Exercise and try to shed some weight

With all the free or cheap food delivery companies, food advertisements everywhere – milk tea, pizza, and burgers, it is easy as 1, 2, 3 to order and satisfy your cravings. To be honest, before lockdown me and my workmates are binge-eating EVERYDAY. Obviously, I gained weight, unlike my workmates who are still young and have a fast metabolism that they stay slim even eating large amounts of food. With that being said, I decided to be physically active. I started to search for easy exercises, routines, some terms I don’t understand, etc. For the first 3 days it was very hard for me, I experienced muscle fatigue, shortness of breath and I easily get tired. But as my muscles recover, that’s when I felt that I must finish what I started. My routine was Cardio – Strength –HIIT-rest day and repeat it was not easy, but I can see that there is a little improvement on my body. Now I am gradually increasing my workout intensity as well as time spent for me to rip the benefits before the lockdown ends.

2. Rebuild my funds and study Philippine Stock Market

Yes, stock market, I started investing in Philippine Stock Market last year, but I didn’t have time to study. I just bought bluechip stocks to invest in and a few class A stocks that I could trade to gain additional income. Upon checking my earnings, I realized the real potential of the stock market in growing money. So I decided to join a few groups where I can learn the basics, how to analyze graphs, and get some tips that I could apply. Now that I know the basics, this is not a reason for me to stop learning, and hopefully I would also become an advanced trader.

3. Lastly, learn how to become a Virtual Assistant

As mentioned above, my work is kinda stressful because I am a front liner, the window of the company, shock absorber, or whatever you call us, and along with other pressure I can feel the exhaustion. I know that in every workplace you cannot run from this, but I feel like I need a new environment, and especially now that I have a toddler, I need to take care of her and watch her grow. I am a member of FHMOMS since 2018 but I didn’t have time to watch their videos and I never dared to go out of my comfort zone. Last April 6, I was able to watch their video on the overview of freelancing which made me want to learn more. I enrolled in one of their courses and thankfully in my first two weeks that I am enrolled I’ve learned a lot and I was able to revisit what I already know. So here I am now, writing my first ever blog that is a part of our activity. After finishing this course I’ll try to apply as a part-time VA and hopefully will slowly transition as a full-time VA.

That’s it, that’s my top 3 activity during this ECQ. I hope you will also find time in learning new knowledge, skills or develop what is already in you.

-Jennifer Ulat-

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