My Grocery Saving Tips

Going to the grocery is one of the essential tasks of everyone. Either you are single, in a relationship, with a lifetime partner or a family. We went to the grocery to buy our necessities, commodities, cravings, and many more. Grocery store is where you can find different stuff. From fresh and frozen meat, fish, poultry, breads, cereals, soups dairies, and many others. When going to a grocery store you have to prepare yourself and your stuff. Here are some helpful tips that I can share with you.

Tip No. 1 Set your budget
Of course this is the most important in your plan. You have to allocate a budget before going to the store. Most of us set aside almost 30-40% of our hard-earned money for food. We always believe that food contributes to the overall health status of our bodies. By preparing this, we can avoid overspending on not so important in your list. Note: always take your meal before going to the grocery to avoid extra expenses dining out because you are half hungry when you reached the store. It’s okay to dine out occasionally but if it becomes a habit it will have an impact on your budget and in the long run in your health. Better cooked food into your kitchen.

Tip No. 2 Always bring your grocery list.
This is an effective and efficient way to save time and money when you are going out to buy your needs. Sort your list from food to non-food item so when you walk through the shelf you can easily see what you need. Aside from a-z arrangement, you may also identify your needs and wants. Your priority is your needs. Those are the most common products that you consume daily or frequently like, rice bread, cooking oil, sugar coffee, etc. Last in your list is your less priority. An example is for your cravings like potato chips, chocolates, and carbonated drinks.

Tip No. 3 Prepare yourself physically
One of the benefits of going on a grocery is that you were able to spend time to walk and walking is a good physical activity for our body. When doing it so, make sure that you used a comfortable footwear. Maintaining proper footwear helps you improve movements. Remember when you wore uncomfortable shoes while walking? It gives you pressure on your feet, knees, legs, back, and even your hips. So remember, good shoes for a good walk.

Tip no. 4 Check for expiration dates
When purchasing goods always make a habit to review the expiration dates and pay importance to this information printed in your food packaging. It informs until when the product is consumable and how long does the food maintains its microbial, physical stability, and nutrient content.
So what’s the difference between expiration date and best before date? Expiration dates notify the consumer the last date that the product is safe to consume while best before dates informs that the item will lose its quality (freshness, aroma, taste) from the date indicate but not necessarily tells that the food is no longer safe to eat.

Tip No. 5 Be economical and eco friendly
Buying sachet or “tingi” is not bad but it’s a preference. But if you purchase bigger items in bigger packs it will have two advantages. One of this is that purchasing big packaging cost lesser than of the sachet if you will compute the quantity over the price. Another benefit, aside from what I’ve mentioned, it that most items in bigger packaging have recyclable materials that can be used to plant little seedlings used for cooking and it will have a lesser waste on our environment.
You can also bring your eco-bag or reusable bags for grocery items instead of plastic bags or paper bags that also contribute to environmental waste.

So remember our saving tips during, before and after going to your nearest store! Happy shopping!

Toni Rose M. Sotelo

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