The Ultimate Revelation of Our Europe Adventure

Are you ready for a month of extreme adventure??

The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Paris and Italy…



June 03, 2019, From Heathrow to Gosport.

We are all excited to roam around Gosport. Our top priority is… Of course, shopping!!!! (hahaha) And also, visiting some of the tourist spots. I highly recommend Gunwharf Quays, a place in Portsmouth where you can find lots of stalls, choices of branded clothes, bags, shoes etc.. One of my favourite shops here is “A Charity Shop” where you can find unique items, and what I love the most in this shop is, they are supporting different charities in their location. We also went to a “Car Booth Sale” where they are selling some of their pre-loved stuff using their cars as their booth or stalls.

Some of our great experiences in Gosport were…

Watching a Live circus “The Circus Zyair” and yes, we really enjoyed the show. (It’s my first time to watch the circus live show). Next is a “Pub Night” one of my favourite happenings, where most of the families have their bondings at the bar to eat and drink. On our dinner, I ordered steak and I was surprised! “OMG, IT WAS HUGE!!!!” (good for 3 persons) But still, I finished the whole serving. (Lol)


June 10, 2019, Netherlands, Here We Come!!!!!

Next adventure is the Netherlands!!!! What surprised me about this place is, it is legal to use a “Cannabis” here a.k.a “MARIJUANA”. Yes, you read it right! You can smell the smoke everywhere. Also, it’s their traditional souvenirs, these include foods with marijuana, drinks with marijuana, chocolates, candies and many more! (I tried the Lollipop one) and nothing special. hahaha! What I love in this country is, there are lots of activities to do and less air pollution because instead of cars, people are using bicycles to travel around the City. Amsterdam is also known as “The Bicycle Capital of the World”. Some of their must-try activities are riding a cruise, visiting famous museums and of course visiting their souvenir shops.

A visit to this place will not be complete without going to the famous “The Red Light District”. I didn’t take any photos in this place. Wanna know why? Search in google what is this place all about! (Lol)

As we don’t have a choice and we need to take our son with us, here’s what happened… I told him to close his eyes and don’t look at the ladies at the window. After a walk to that street, my son asked me “Mommy, why do we need to waste our time just to see those ladies wearing swimsuits?” I told him, not everyone can experience that. He said, “We can find ladies like them on the beach!”. He really made me laugh! (Lol) When we arrived at the hotel, he told his grandma that he saw lots of “toilet girls” in the street wearing full makeups and posing like a model with shining shimmering swimsuits! HAHAHA!!! He really doesn’t have any idea what is happening.

A Cruise in Amsterdam

Next, is our Cruise experience. It is an “on the spot” decision, I mean it’s not part of our itinerary. We waited for an hour as we didn’t make an online reservation. But, It’s worth the wait! 

Visit the Museums

We also visited some of the museums like, Stedelijk Museum, RIJKS MUSEUM and SEX MSEUM — I will not say anything about what’s inside this museum. The least I can tell you is, this is the most crowded museum! HAHAHAHAH


This is a 20 story rooftop building and it has an amazing elevator with a light show while going up. There are a restaurant and a bar on the rooftop and the “BIGGEST CHALLENGE” in my entire life… An extreme swing over the edge of the tower which is almost 100 meters above the ground. I almost pee in my pants! HAHAHAHAH But, in the end, I told myself that “I am very proud of you self!!”


June 13, 2019, It’s a dream come true! Pinch me! We are in PARIS!!!

Everyone’s top priority to visit is of course “The Eiffel Tower”. It’s touristy but a visit to Paris would not be complete without a view from the tower. It really amazes me!

There are two ways up the Eiffel tower: First, you can use the stairs. Second, is the elevator. I suggest you take the elevator as I saw some people with regrets on their faces while going up the tower.

TIPS: If you want to use the elevator you should book your ticket in advance. The queues for the elevators are long and prices are somewhat steep, but the view, especially from the top floor is astonishing! Booking tickets in advance will save you time. 

Lieu de Triomphe (Arc Of The Triomphe) and The Louvre Museum

We also visited Lieu de Triomphe (Arc Of The Triomphe), this is Paris in all its glory! Huge and impressive, the most famous monuments in Paris. Next is, The Louvre Museum “The World’s Largest Museum”

Disneyland, Paris

Indeed….. “The Happiest Place on Earth!!!!”

A day in Disneyland is not enough to explore the whole place. There are two parks to visits: WALT DISNEY STUDIOS PARK and DISNEYLAND PARK. Both parks are amazing and extremely big. My son really enjoyed the place, parks are open at 10 AM and the Disney Parade starts at 5:30 PM. My son really enjoyed the “Avengers live show” and the Disneyland Parade. Fireworks start at 7 PM but unfortunately, We didn’t get a chance to watch it.

One of The Happiest Days of My Life!!! SHOPPING!!!!

Next is, we visited Champs-Élysées, a place in Paris where you can find Luxury brand items that are known for signature monogrammed handbags including ‘Louis Vuitton”. My husband’s heart beats fast when we entered the shop. (HAHAHAHA) He’s a little bit nervous! (Lol) to make the story short, I left the shop with a BIG SMILE on my face. Jackpot!

TIPS: For tax refund of the items: There are two ways on how to get your tax refund. First, is they will send it to you via credit card and you will get 20% of your tax refund. Second, you can get your tax refund by cash in the airport before leaving the country, but they will only give you a 12% tax refund of your items. I searched first on the internet about a tax refund before deciding. We, therefore, chose the second options. I read that lots of people who chose the first option are, unfortunately, didn’t get their tax refund online.


June 17, 2019 Shhhh… Listen! Do you hear the sound of Rome? Yes! another adventure begins in Italy.

The Coliseum and The Vatican, another touristy place in Rome. It is really crowded. But of course, not everyone is given a chance to explore the beauty of Rome. So, even we are all sweaty and tired, we still manage to explore the place. Fighting! (Lol)

Some of the places that are worth visits are…

The Bridge of Castel of Sant Angelo, Statue – Montée au Musée du Capitole and The Spanish Step.

Another Shopping!!!!!

And now, It’s time to say goodbye Italy! It’s indeed a tremendous 3-day journey. But, wait there’s more… before we leave the country we did some walk in the city and another shop caught my attention. (HAHAHAHAH) I will not let this tour end without my last-minute shopping! Again, my husband’s heart beats faster than before and this time he finished the whole bottle of water in just one drink! (L0l)

Going back to the UK from Rome, we decided to layover in Paris for a day. As we all want to experience the “Brittany Ferries”. We went to Le Havre Port, Paris going back to Portsmouth. We enjoyed the scenery from the ferry, the sunrise and the weather. We travelled for 5 hours and 30 minutes from Paris to Portsmouth.


June 20, 2019, From Portsmouth to Gosport to London

United Kingdom, London

We are still with extreme energy! (HAHAHAHA) Next is, We explore the beauty of London. A big thanks to our relatives who are living in London. Because of them, we don’t need to avail accommodation. (we save a lot!) Lol! Now, here are some of the places that we visited in London, The London Eye, Emirates Greenwich Peninsula, Office of the Prime Minister and The Beckingham Palace.

Visiting Families in London

Our journey in London will not end without visiting relatives and friends. We also went to the “Camdem Market” where you can find “the Best Fish and Chips”. Because it is famous, we waited for 45 minutes just to get in. The queue is long, but it’s worth the wait, super yummy! The best fish and chips!!!


July 3, 2019, It’s time to say “Goodbye and Thank you” for the great experience Europe!

From 8 luggage….. We ended up to 14 luggage!!!!! Whenever I remember this, I still can’t believe how we managed to carry all of these. HAHAHAHA


  • Check the weather the updates of each country. Before we travel I checked all the weather updates. These 4 countries have different types of weather during our travel. UK (we are all freezing), Amsterdam (cold, rainy and we encountered hail storm), Italy (sunny and we are all sweating).
  • Bring some over the counter medicines for fever, headache and pain reliever. (it’s very useful especially after shopping!) HAHAHA
  • Always bring your passports with you.
  • In Paris, you will notice lots of signage warnings with ” Beware of Pickpockets. I suggest you use belt bags or anybody bag, So you can easily monitor your stuff.
  • Always book ahead of time. Everything is online. I suggest you avail the “Hop-on Hop-off” bus. Believe me, you will save a lot!
  • Make an Itinerary and know your priorities.

Author: Chery Medina

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